Feng shui (traditional Chinese: 風水; simplified Chinese: 风水; pinyin: fēng shuǐ; pronounced /ˈfəŋˌʃueɪ/ foong-shoy in Chinese Mandarin, "fheng-schway" in American English) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi. The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (traditional Chinese: 堪輿; simplified Chinese: 堪舆; pinyin: kānyú; literally: Tao of heaven and earth).

The words feng shui literally translate as "wind-water" in English. This is a cultural shorthand taken from the following passage of the Zhangshu (Book of Burial) by Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty:

Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.

Traditional Feng Shui practice always requires an extremely accurate Chinese compass, or Luo Pan, in order to determine the directions in finding any auspicious sector in a desired location.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feng Shui History - The Art and Science of 5,000 Years

Some say that Feng shui history can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, while others say there are records that show it was in practice even up to 5,000 years ago in China. Whether 3,000 or 5,000, it is astonishing to see how the strength of this powerful body of knowledge has spread around the world and how widely used it is to this very day.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung-shway) means wind water but in ancient China, this art was once known as Hum Yue which translates to heavenly path and earthly path respectively. Both these terms describe the power of harnessing energy or chi in the environment.

The Early Years

Feng Shui history books such as The Book of Songs or Shih Ching, first introduced this ancient wisdom and spoke of how it should be practiced. They were documented over many years beginning in the ninth century BC. During the Han dynasty in China, around 206 BC to 224 AD, the Record of Rites or Li Chi, compiled by Kuo Po, talked about how it could be applied to graves. It was not until the Sung dynasty, around 960 AD to 1279 that Wang Chi documented on how it could be applied to house building.

Feng Shui Today

Feng shui history credits one particular man for it's development over the years to what we know it to be today, Kuen Chok. Kuen Chok mastered the art during the Tang dynasty and published many books on its practice, sharing the knowledge that we use to this day.

If we were to visit Hong Kong, we can see how popular and practiced this study is today as it was many years ago. From millionaire tycoons to family homes, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and reaped the benefits of this ancient science. In fact, it is fascinating to see how the landscape and geography of the island of Hong Kong itself has been molded with these principles in such a way as to contribute to the wealth and prosperity of the city with the mountains behind and the harbor in front along its financial strip.

In Hong Kong today, experts in the field are often consulted in the preliminary stages of buildings and houses to ensure that they are built on and with the most auspicious placements and spaces. Some indications of this can be seen in eight sided rooms in offices and even a building with a large hole through the middle in which to permit any negative energies to flow through its frame so as not to affect its inhabitants. Using what they've learnt from feng shui history and applying it in the early stages of planning, they eliminate the need to later correct any negative energy captured in the framework of the building or house which can be quite costly when you consider the construction of a large building.

Feng shui history has taught us a lot about using the energies of the environments we live in to live more happier, profitable and satisfying lives in this modern world. It is through the natural energy of the universe that we ultimately attain this balance of power and harmony to give ourselves the best opportunities for love, prosperity, success, health and happiness.

Autor: Lin Mai

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui for more insight into feng shui history and how you can successfully apply it to your modern day life.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feng Shui Furniture

Color plays an important part in both Feng Shui and interior decorating within the home. The main purpose of adjusting the colors in a room is to balance the Yin and Yan elements, being careful to introduce at least 60% Yang for 40% Yin.

If an entire room is painted white and the furniture is cream, the overall effect may be very pleasing, but the Yin/Yang balance will not be satisfactory. Some darker Yin otes will have to be introduced to redress the balance.

Strong colors like red walls or furniture introduce Yang into the room. If it is necessary to introduce Yinhighlights into a very male or Yang environment, then a selection of plants and flowers will soften the Yang and encourage the ch'i to meander and congregate.

Be careful that no wall color confronts its own Direction, by that I mean that you should not paint a wall which faces West red because the symbolic color of the West is red, nor should you paint a North-facing wall black, or a wall confronting a Wood Direction green and so on.

Color can be provided more permanently by paint, or temporarily by colored light bulbs which are useful to illuminate specific sectors. For example, your career could be stimulated by illuminating the North quarter with a blue bulb as the Element Water is associated in feng shui with either dark blue or black.

Too many dark colors and heavy furniture will effect the Yin and Yang harmony. A few lighter colors should be introduced to redress the balance.

Autor: Chris Dimitrova

For more decorating ideas visit our new web sites for Feng Shui tips- http://www.fengshuifurniture.net

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feng Shui - Western Style

You might say every person has a particular passion. Something that excites him or her just by thinking about it. Well, one of the things that excites me is Feng Shui.

Feng Shui means Wind and Water. Two of the four main elements on planet earth. Feng Shui originates from China and has been used for thousands of years by only a few privileged to attract abundance in different areas of their lives. These are, but not limited to success, health, personal development and relationship.

Feng Shui is an ancient mystical technology that concerns itself with your space or environment. It is the correlation of the effect of the environment on the body, which is a necessary factor of the law of attraction, in fact 33.3 percent of it, if one intends to use this law to its greatest effect. It is the pathway from the physical to the non-physical you might say. This is one of the reasons it was kept away from the public by the rich and powerful for thousands of years, like many other spiritual technologies such as The Master Key that has been proven to have highly positive effect on the mind and subsequently the prosperity of the individual.

The good news is that Feng Shui is now widely practiced in the world and is accessible to most anyone. Not only that, because of its effectiveness and positive results on wealth, prosperity, health and personal relationship it is now mastered by many western practitioners that have been able to adequately customize it to the occidental way of living and many people are enjoying its positive effects and living a more enjoyable and prosperous life.

Feng Shui teaches you how to harmonize your environment so that the positive energy or Chi as they call it in Chinese, can have a free movement in your home or your office where you spend most of your time. This is done by rearranging your space and inviting the Chi to find a harmonious path in your environment and bring better health, success and spiritual wisdom to your life. It is a gift from the divine that needs to be respected if one is interested in living with clarity and happiness.

Autor: Mike Samii

Mike Samii
Author, Life Success Consultant and Motivational Speaker

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Feng Shui Plants - Two of Your Best Choices For Growing Good Fortune

When selecting Feng Shui plants for your home or office, there are two plants in particular that you will want to have for good fortune and long term success luck. In this article we'll cover what they are, some tips for care and a few of the beneficial locations.

1. Lucky Bamboo or bamboo plant. The "Lucky Bamboo" plant is noted for retaining the positive energetic qualities you desire in a plant. Lucky Bamboo (which, interestingly enough...is not actual bamboo!) grows best in water and thrives well in containers that have stones or pebbles, rather than soil. The plant needs a fair amount of indirect light and requires little direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves to yellow.

In Feng Shui, bamboo has long been regarded as a strong symbol of good fortune and tenacity. Because the plant thrives relatively easily, with little hands on maintenance, it retains a quality of independence and easy growth which strongly supports career and business success. It is an ideal plant for people who don't have a green thumb, but still want the living cure benefits of a healthy lucky plant in close proximity.

You can order Lucky Bamboo online, but chances are you will be able to locate an appropriate plant at major retail stores in your area. Be sure the plant you choose is healthy--avoid plants that have yellow leaves or stalks. Bamboo plants are strong, but they do need adequate water and the occasional dose of plant food in order to thrive long term.

Good placements for bamboo plants are in your office, in the career area and also in the wealth corner. If you choose a smaller plant, a good location is on your desk toward the back left corner. The plant embodies new growth and opportunities...exactly the type of energy you want for your career or business!

2. Invite Feng Shui money plants into your life. There are two plants that are considered "money plants" and have gained the reputation of attracting wealth for their owners and for the businesses they grace with their presence. The first is known formally as 'Pachira'.

This Feng Shui plant embodies and harmoniously blends the five elements, creating a powerful living cure capable of attracting great wealth. The plant is not appropriate for a desktop though, as it can grow to be quite large. It is often displayed in corners of rooms where it can easily arouse and clear any stale energies residing there. This money plant does not require a lot of extra care--just the average amount of watering and indirect sunlight.

The second Feng Shui plant associated with money and wealth is a biennial known scientifically as "lunaria annua". Most appropriate for the wealth corner of your garden, this plant is one that self propagates readily, symbolizing the multiplication of money. The seed pods are a popular favorite when composing dried flower arrangements, giving you the ability to transport a touch of wealth indoors!

All Feng Shui plants symbolize new growth, vitality and vibrant life, naturally providing the energy for success and opportunities. See where you can apply these powerful living plant cures to your needy areas and enjoy the results!

Autor: Ling Meng

Ling Meng is a Feng Shui enthusiast, practicer and author.
Would you like to learn more Feng Shui plants and gardening secrets? Live your best life starting today and invest in the comprehensive four part Feng Shui information package available only from this site!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Practise Feng Shui in Your Home to Enhance Your Life

'Feng Shui' is the ancient Chinese study of the elements and an art of placement that can improve all aspects of your life. In 'Feng Shui', objects are used to redirect the flow of energy through an indoor or outdoor environment. Put simply, it is a system for arranging your surroundings so there is balance and harmony with nature. With serenity and harmony to the universal forces, it is believed that one can enhance his life and attain success in all areas of his life. When practicing in the right way, it has been shown to help improve in all areas of life like:

- improving focus and concentration required for studies and achieving good grades
- giving peak performance at work hence a boost to career growth
- enhancing inter-personal communication for establishing and maintaining good relationships
- having positive energy hence attaining good mental and physical health.

One way to get started in 'Feng Shui' is from your home as this is where you spend most of your time.

A 'Feng Shui' expert or geomancer can help you audit your house and do a home analysis to improve the 'Feng Shui' of your house. Some of the interior areas in the house that he may look at include:

1) Main Door - The main door in your home is a critical location to consider in your house. It is often considered the channel through which the flow of energy, or Chi, as it is known in Chinese, flows through the house. Good Chi enhances the quality of your life like longevity, health and prosperity. One consideration is the direction of the main door.

2) Master bedroom - Another place in your home is the bedroom. This is especially important for couples, as they spend most of their time together there. Good 'Feng Shui', like the direction of the bed, must be practiced in the bedroom to ensure that the couple lives in harmony, be in good health and enjoy a successful marriage.

3) Bedroom - An average person will spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping in their bedrooms. It is important the bedroom is kept uncluttered and clean. If not, negative energy will accumulate and this will cause health and wealth problems for the host.

4) Kitchen - 'Feng Shui' in the kitchen can be attained by adjusting the kitchen layout, which in turn can reduce and eliminate some of the negative factors. This can help you to attain wealth and good health.

Autor: Mark Greenfield

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Starting Feng-Shui on the Right Note

You have an interest in Feng Shui and you would like to start implementing its principles in your home, here are a few pointers to get you started

Feng shui is the art of living in harmony with one's environment. It allows you to arrange your space to maximize the quality of cosmic energy that flows around you. This energy is called "Chi" and affects the quality of your life. It is a mix of symbolism, traditions and common sense. It supposes the subtle feeling of being in touch with universal vibrations.

The goal is to achieve a certain equilibrium in one's life, to reach this goal you must control the Chi. Chi can be dispersed, when that happens it does not serve you well, and disorder is present. When Chi cannot circulate it can become caustic. You must then regulate the Chi that is always present around you, you must allow it to circulate positively in order to add equilibrium to the yin and the yang. This is the principle of harmony as defined by Tao. Equilibrium leads to harmony, and harmony leads to good luck and happiness.

You cannot control Chi away from your own environment, but your home is where you replenish yourself and your soul. It is your haven in this world and you control how Chi reacts around you, giving you all you need to face the world.

First clean up your home. No I don't mean that you have cobwebs and you need to get rid of them. Get rid of objects that symbolize death, sadness, loss, abandonment, aggression. These produce negative emotions that drain energy. Surround yourself with objects that bring serenity and prosperity, invite love, joy, happiness, health around you. Get rid of everything that is cumbersome to you. Get rid of old clothes, old objects without interest, get rid of things you don't use anymore. Sort things out and clean up from top to bottom, from room to room, yes even the garage and the basement. That alone will bring a breath of fresh air throughout the house.

Secondly choose a school to follow. You can choose one of three ways to follow.

  1. The first school is known as the form school know also as the 3 doors school. It is based upon nature and based on the energies of the roads, the rivers and the mountains. It involves placement of object in relationship to these natural elements.
  2. The next school is the compass or eight directions school. Based on the eight trigrams of the I Ching this school uses the eight points of a compass to understand and explain auspicious and ominous layouts of buildings and furnishings.
  3. The last school of feng shui is called the black hat sect school. It is a modern American interpretation of feng shui, a hybrid of Tibetan Buddhism, traditional feng shui and Taoism. In this case the arrangement or layout of the room is based on the Ba Gua (the direction of the door). The house is subdivided in eight sectors each with its own influence on an aspect of your life.

Once you have chosen the school you want to follow (there is not a right or wrong one, only the one that fits you and your circumstances best,) try to orientate the important elements like the bed or a desk, in function of the directions given by your Kua number. Your Kua number is determined by your birth date, you can get your kua number online.

Finally identify your problems. If all is well in your life it is not necessary to turn things around, but you can work on the zones where obstacles could occur. For example is everything alright in your professional life, or your romantic relationships, if not then you can strengthen that zone. If romance is the sector you need to improve work on the Chi in your bedroom. If a child is giving you some difficulties check out this child's room and reorient it to improve his/her Chi, if your professional life is where attention is needed, look at the orientation of your desk.

Autor: Charlotte Adelman

This gives you a good way to get started without a big investment into feng shui, but is sufficient to give you a taste of how it can improve your life. If you want to learn about feng shui colors follow me to internet Home Alliance a site with advice on all home decor and maintenance.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Inner Feng Shui

Feng Shui, literally translated as "wind and water", is one of the oldest methods of holistic healing - healing through the environment.

Feng Shui is about connecting to our environment, our inner world and our outer world. So many of us think of Feng Shui as something we do in our outer world - our living spaces. But Feng Shui is also about creating balance and clarity in our inner world. Living our lives with intention.

Intention builds the road map of your experience. Just as a home begins as an idea in an architect's or builder's mind and then becomes a reality, what you hold with conviction will manifest into reality. Be aware of your thoughts.

To clarify your intention, I like to begin with big picture questions. Life questions.

  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • How do you want to do it?
  • How committed are you?
  • Do you have a plan - an idea of the process, the steps between now and then?
  • If you could be anyone or do anything, what would be different?
  • How would that look?
  • What are your dreams?
  • Is the life you have gratifying - right now?
  • What can you do to make your life extraordinary - right now?

There's a difference between commitment and interest. When we're interested in something, we do it when it fits into our schedule, when it's convenient. When we're committed, we make time for what we desire. We plan it into our lives.

How do we know when we're on the right path? Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is when the opportunities, experiences and situations that unfold in our lives are exactly right for us in the moment. Synchronicity happens when we follow the flow, when we're in alignment with who we are and what we want.

Tools you can use to increase the synchronicity in your life.

Clear mental clutter

What's mental clutter? How often do you find yourself awash in thoughts that erode your self-esteem? Thoughts like, "I'm not good enough", "I'm not as smart as they think I am", "No one likes or loves me", "Whenever I need help no one is there for me", "I'm always alone".

Sound familiar? Be aware of your thoughts, moment to moment. And take action! Shift from a negative thought pattern to a positive thought pattern - even if you don't believe it at first, focusing on positive thoughts can literally reprogram your belief system and what you think about yourself.

Take Action

If you find yourself thinking about something, make note and take action. For example: If you find you're thinking about stopping at the grocery store, then stop. Or if you find yourself thinking about doing something, then do it. I believe these little thoughts are our intuition shining a light to catch our attention. When we ignore our intuitive inklings, we often find ourselves wishing we had done what we thought about. If only we'd known. When in truth we did know, we just ignored it!


Our lives are often so busy that our breathing becomes shallow and rapid. Make time each day, even if it's only five minutes, to slow your breathing down. When we breathe slower, we are more relaxed. And when we're more relaxed we are more focused. When we're more focused, we're more productive. So take the time to breathe - it's worth it!

Slow down and make time for yourself



Create quiet time (5 minutes a day can change your life!)

Enjoy music - dance with abandon

Create a feeling of abundance

Surround yourself with beauty and you'll find beauty everywhere

Keep it positive

Worrying doesn't serve you, it isn't real. It's just your imagination, a story that doesn't need to happen. Change the story and you change the outcome.

Invest in people that support and love you

Release relationships that make you feel bad about yourself.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Take note of the good things that happen each day

Give yourself rewards for your accomplishments

Acknowledge and appreciate the generosity of others

When we notice the little things in our lives and are grateful, we focus on what's working and in that focus we have the power to create even more good things.

Life is a gift.

You are in the world to express who you are, creatively, compassionately, fully. When you live a life of intention, you live life!

As the Bon Jovi song says, "I just wanna live while I'm alive. It's my life!"

Enjoy it!

Autor: Laurie Bornstein

Feng Shui Teacher, Designer and Entrepreneur Laurie Bornstein, is the author and creator of 'Feng Shui Lifestyle', her FREE monthly ezine filled with Feng Shui and Lifestyle tips and marketing articles empowering you live and work in beauty and balance. Visit http://www.harmony-life.net to learn more.

Copyright 2009 Harmony Life, LLC. All rights reserved.


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Your Wish is Granted! How to Use Feng Shui Wish-Fulfilling Gems to Make Your Wishes Come True

From the earliest fairytales of genies and fairy godmothers, we all have wishes that we would love to see magically happen. Luckily in feng shui there is a wonderful technique for activating the energies associated with all of the usual aspirations that everyone wants: love, wealth, health, happiness, good fortune. It involves using gems and crystals and when used correctly, can almost magically bring about anything you desire.

Gems and crystals are powerful symbols of our earthly desires and they are powerful activators. Gems are regarded as earth's most beautiful and precious energy represented in clear, beautiful, sparkling stones. These stones are widely regarded as storehouses of this beautiful earth energy - and potent objects to ground your deepest desires and help them come to fruition.

Don't believe me? Think about one of the most common gem activators. This one is an activator of love and commitment. It's called an engagement ring. The size, quality, and beauty of stone is often used to transmit the intent and desire of the man to make his intentions known to a woman, which in this case, is marriage.

But stones and crystals can be used to manifest more than just marriage. Used in your life, gems bring precious earth energy to your goals and dearest wishes!

I recommend you find one beautiful stone and make a single wish with great focus and intention. Keep your focus on this intention until you see it come to fruition. Also, be sure you give plenty of attention to your gem and don't disregard your crystals.

To get the best results, place your wish fulfilling gem where you see it and activate it regularly, such as at your bedside table, your desk (my favorite), or your living room. When placed here, you can put your gems under a light to help activate them. You can even put it in a window where the sunlight will hit your gem and activate it. It's especially helpful to raise the gem up so that the light can penetrate and activate the entire crystal.

As wonderfully as these magic activators work, you must be sure to do your part too. If you're interested in creating opportunities for love, get out there and circulate. If you want to lose weight, be sure to modify your eating and exercise more.

So now that you have learned this wonderful - and potent - feng shui trip, it's your turn to find a gem and activate any and all of your wishes!

Select one special POWER gem.

When you have a dear desire, such as to get married or attract love, select a large faux diamond and place it next to your bed or on your desk - anywhere you'll see it and can activate it with light. Treat it special and keep it clean. Focus on your desire to attract your perfect mate. You can do this with any special wish or desire you have. If it's a work-related wish you have, keep your gem at work where you see it often.

Surround your Chinese astrology sign with gems.

Looking to enhance yourself or members of your family? Create a gem bowl with a variety of gems. Place small figures of each family member's astrology animal sign in the bowl to use as an enhancer. You or your family will find yourself receiving more opportunities and exciting new ventures coming to you as a result. My husband and I are both tigers and I have a heart-shaped glass bowl of faux diamonds with two tigers in it (picture above). We continue to move ahead in life and have exciting opportunities and adventures -- so I can personally attest to this!

See your ship come in with gems.

Sailing ships have long been activators of arriving wealth. Take that one step further by loading your ship figurine with crystals or faux diamonds. Crystals placed on the body of a ship figure are a great way to represent your wealth sailing into your life. Make sure ships seem to be sailing into the house, office, or room.

Choose gem colors by your wish.

Green crystals will bring health and family luck, red crystals bring fame and recognition for your desire (perfect for an ambitious person!), blue crystals can be used for business opportunities and career advancement (and the money that comes with it), white crystals bring luck with children, creativity, and helpful people and mentors, yellow, pink and amber bring opportunities for education, love, and romance. Pink is especially powerful for bringing you attention for love.

Pick your gems with care.

Always choose clear, sparkling and beautiful gems that appeal to you. Glass, crystal, and natural gems are all perfectly acceptable activators of your wishes. Make sure the gems are not cloudy or unappealing to you in any way. Keep them clean and dust-free.

Put your gems to work.

Have a certain business you're looking to attract? Place the name of that business or a picture of the person associated with the business or a business card on top of your diamond. If you want a commitment from a reluctant suitor, place a picture of your beloved on top of the diamond. A certain clothing size is what you're after? Use a green colored gem and place a picture of your slimmer self on the gemstone.

Autor: Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information visit http://www.redlotusletter.com and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant! To subscribe and receive the FREE Ebook, "Easy Money - 3 Steps to Building Massive Wealth with Feng Shui,"logon to http://www.redlotusletter.com

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Feng Shui Tips For Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. As the weather cools and the leaves change, I am faced with burgundy, red, yellow and orange where once there was only green. The kaleidoscope of color on the East coast is breathtaking - being a native California girl myself, I am always in awe of the majesty and beauty of nature this time of year.

As a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher, I am reminded that Feng Shui is deeply connected to the patterns and cycles in nature. In spring, plants send out new shoots and seeds sprout new life. In summer, nature is at its fullest expression of life - the plants are lush and colorful. In fall, nature begins to gather its energy in preparation for the deep hibernation and restoration that occurs in winter. When we live our lives in alignment with the natural energy patterns around us, our bodies are synchronized and in balance with nature.

Feng Shui is also concerned with comfort and safety - which leads me to maintenance and care. Fall is the perfect time of year to incorporate annual maintenance habits into your life. Try not to think of them as chores - who wants to be stuck doing chores on a beautiful fall weekend? Instead, view them as part of the natural process of nature, a time of preparation for winter.

Make changes in your living spaces to reflect the changing season

* Switch to warmer blankets, comforters and bedding (this is a great time to change the look and feeling in your bedroom by changing to new bedding colors and patterns)

* Change the accent pillows on your living room sofa and chairs (a change always feels fresh and exciting - creating a sense of vibrancy in any space)

* Bring in warm throws and coverlets for use in the living room or family room

* If you removed your areas rugs for the summer months, now is the time to put them back in their positions to help keep your floors warm

* Re-hang winter weight curtains

Winterize your home or apartment

* Change the batteries in all your smoke alarms

* Clean windows and screens

* Caulk window and door frames

* Weather-strip doors

* Replace all old and burned out light bulbs

* Wipe down baseboards and doors

* Replace HVAC filters

* Complete any exterior paint projects

Putting the beds and garden to bed- it's always best whenever possible, to use organic fertilizers and plant food. These products do not harm our precious water table, or the plants they are used on.

* This is the perfect time to move or relocate plants and to add trees or shrubs to your garden

* Trim and prune shrubs and trees

* Fertilize your beds and plants

* Mulch your plant beds, or if you prefer, let nature help. Instead of removing all the leaves that fall from the trees, let some remain as natures mulch to protect and nourish your bedding areas.

* For those of you in colder climates you may want to consider wrapping your delicate shrubs with burlap to protect them from harsh winter winds and freezing temperatures.

* Empty your flower pots and store for the winter

* Bring in any potted plants that must winter indoors

* Fertilize your lawn

* This is also the perfect time to give thought to spring - any plants you want to add or any areas you may want to change.

* Now is the time to plant bulbs for next spring.

I've included lots of ideas and suggestions in this list; consider incorporating the ones that feel right to you. It's not necessary to do every item on this list. Making even small changes during this time of natural transition will help to create a connection to nature - no matter where you live. And when we connect to the world of nature around us our lives align in greater balance. And balance is so much more comfortable than the alternative!

Change takes time. Enjoy the process - and the beauty of the season!

Autor: Laurie Bornstein

Copyright 2009 Harmony Life, LLC. All rights reserved.


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Feng Shui Teacher, Designer and Entrepreneur Laurie Bornstein, is the author and creator of 'Feng Shui Lifestyle', her FREE monthly ezine filled with Feng Shui and Lifestyle tips and marketing articles empowering you live and work in beauty and balance. Visit http://www.harmony-life.net to learn more.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feng Shui Tips For Home and Garden

If you plan to enlarge your house, you just first consider the effect the extension will have on the overall shape of the building. Certain shape combinations are auspicious, while others are not. At the same time, you must analyze what effect the extension will have on the overall position of the house and what impact it will have on the directional sector it occupies.

Another method of determining the Feng Shui effects of extensions is to look at the element represented by the sector where the extension is to be built, and then check its impact on e element represented by your main door. Thus, if the extension is to be built on the northern side of the house, it represents the element water. If the main door is located facing the southeast(which represents small wood) then the extension will enhance the door's Feng Shui, since water produces wood.

If, on the other hand, the extension is located in the northwest, representing big metal, then the extension will have a detrimental effect on the door, since metal destroys wood. This method of analysis is highly recommended, since element analysis is one of the fundamental principles of all Feng Shui practice.

This same analysis can be applied to the building of gazebos, stand-alone garages, and other large structures planned for the home.

Fences and walls serve to divide the boundaries of the house from external influences. Walls, for instance, are effective barriers that can block out the effect of harmful objects such as boulders, fast-flowing or clogged up drains, telephone poles, and whole host of other inauspicious structures. The design of walls should, however, be harmonized with the landscape.

Autor: Chris Dimitrova

For more ideas and Feng Shui practice in your garden visit our new web site http://www.fengshuifurniture.net

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Feng Shui Designs For Attracting Love, Passion and Romance

Whether you're single, married or just wanting to spice up your current relationship, using tried and true effective feng shui designs in your bedroom will help make your dreams become a reality. Soon you'll have the energy of the whole universe singing your song, working to make it happen for you.

The southwest corner of your space or bedroom is your love and relationships corner according to the bagua map. Earth is the associated element here and can be activated more by using fire for optimum effect. This will come into lay a little later.

Clear the Space

Effective Feng Shui designs in your room, or any space for that matter start with clearing the clutter. Remove old, broke, unnecessary objects and furniture that's been accumulating so that the chi can flow freely through your space. Any blockages will result in restrictive movements of energy which then become stagnant and negative. A thorough vacuum or mopping will finish the job, clearing your space and subsequently your mind of any problems or worries. It will allow you to prepare for the feng shui mind-set of positive thinking and visualizing your goals that will ultimately help attract that spice into your life.

Make sure you open some windows to let the fresh air come in while you change your bed sheets and pillows, airing them out and ridding them of old stagnant energy and preparing them for new vitalizing chi. Even put on some loud romantic music and help the energy circulate. Remember to remove any and all photos of past relationships, items of sentimental value and letters. Any memories that attach you to the past will keep you there, it's time to move on up.

Decorating for Love

Decorating your bedroom using feng shui designs is easy and a lot of fun. Follow the basic guidelines here to help get yourself in the love zone.

  • When choosing colors to decorate with, think pink and sexy. Pink and red are the colors of love to use so buy decorative items for your love display with this in mind. If you decide to paint your walls, red may be too overpowering so softer pink tones will be perfect, even earthly yellow tones.
  • Everything needs to be balanced so don't overdo a certain color, or item in your room. There can be too much of a good thing, balance is the key.
  • You're trying to attract love into your life, symbolized by a connection between two people. Therefore, everything in your love display area should be paired with another to reflect a two-sided relationship. More or less then two and you're heading for trouble.
  • According to love and relationship feng shui designs, earth and fire are good elements to use in your corner. Objects and pictures that resemble these elements should be used here. Wood is harmful to the overall positive effect you're creating here and so you should remove any wood related elements like picture frames.
  • Remember the elements of earth and fire are good in your love corner according to feng shui designs. Think of objects and designs that resemble these elements for full effect and remove anything resembling wood or metal as these will harm your efforts.
  • Keep the energy alive in this area by frequently updating and changing around your display in the love corner

Here are some great examples of objects that you could use to enhance your southwest love area. Try to mix and match them as best as possible to find which Feng Shui designs and arrangements works best for you.

  • Natural quartz crystals or raw amethyst are great for attracting love. Ideally you should hang them on a string above a window in the southwest corner. Light will then be able to shine on the crystal which will reflect your intentions into the room.
  • Make sure your love area is well lit at all times, with natural daylight, bright lights or candles. Light the candles every night to increase your chances of attracting love.
  • Earth based materials like ceramics and pots or bowls are great for vitalizing love energy. Put artificial silk flowers or peacock feathers in them to maximize their potential.
  • Use earth and sun objects and symbols in the area, a globe would be ideal.
  • To target love energy in a marriage, use pictures of lovebirds, ducks or statues in twos. A Chinese love knot is another part of Feng Shui designs that is very useful for attracting love chi, use it to further decorate your pictures.
  • Remember never to use real live flowers in your bedroom, use artificial peony flowers instead.
  • Photos or pieces of art showing happy couples can be put up around the area. Never display pictures of people on their own, lonely, or this is what you'll attract.

There's much much more you can do to enhance your love area but these are some great starting points that will be very effective when used in the right way. You should always remember when you're arranging the Feng Shui designs in your love area to visualize what you hope to achieve by doing this action.

The power of intention is extremely helpful in all aspects of Feng Shui, it's just as important as the action itself. You must be positive and expecting to receive what you desire from the Feng Shui designs and techniques you've put in action. Be grateful and ready to accept the love you've attracted. Get started right now in your relationships area and you'll soon be welcoming all of the wonderful love and romance you can handle!

Autor: Lin Mai

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui to learn more on how to use feng shui designs to turn your house into a house of love!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feng Shui Mirrors - Reflections For Creating a Healthy Bedroom Space

Feng Shui provides some interesting information about mirrors--whether using them is advisable and why the reflections they create have the potential to wreak energetic havoc in the bedroom. Here are some Feng Shui mirror tips and guidelines you can follow to create healthier Chi and the energy of rest and rejuvenation in one of your most sacred spaces, the bedroom.

So the big question you may have at this point-"is it good Feng Shui to have a mirror in my bedroom?" The answer is yes, there can be some benefits but there are also energetic drawbacks and steps you can take to minimize negative Sha Chi.

1. One major faux pas is to have a mirror directly facing your bed or a large mirror in your headboard. Master practitioners teach that having a mirror directly in line with the bed causes restlessness, confusion and an inability to get a proper night's sleep. If possible, rearrange your bedroom furniture so that no mirror is facing the bed head on.

2. There is a strong belief that mirrors in the bedroom can play a part in breaking up an otherwise happy marriage or union. Mirrors potentially attract the bad luck energy of infidelity by introducing another person into the relationship, according to many teachers.

3. Mirrors contain the energy of the water element in Feng Shui. Too much water in the bedroom can cause a 'dampening' of your relationship and also your spirits. If your bedroom is located in the fame and illumination region of the Bagua map, placing a mirror in the room can put out the natural fire energy you are looking to foster here.

Luckily, it is not necessary to remove mirrors altogether from your bedroom, in order to cure these energetic problems. One easy solution is to cover a mirror during sleeping hours. Consider having an attractive fabric created that can easily slip over the mirror at night.

One of the biggest benefits for having a mirror in your bedroom is for the multiplying of yang energy that comes into the room in the form of sunlight. Many bedrooms have mirrors installed on their closet doors, making it handy for checking one's clothing choices and appearance.

If possible, cover mirrored closet doors with tasteful drapes anytime you retreat to your bedroom for rest and rejuvenation. Just remember what goals you are looking to achieve in your bedroom with Feng Shui. Reduce any negative affects mirrors can potentially have on your ability to rest well.

Cover your bedroom mirrors to foster passion, romance and strengthen the intimate bond with your soul mate, or in cases where one partner is tempted by an affair, the best option may be to remove the mirror from the room.

Autor: Ling Meng

Ling Meng is a Feng Shui enthusiast, researcher and author. Like to know how to avoid other Feng Shui bed and bedroom mistakes? Live your best life starting today and invest in her comprehensive four piece Feng Shui info package available only from this site! Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feng Shui and Windchimes - A Natural Fit

Wind chimes enjoy a long and varied history - truly a product of many cultures, but they enjoy a revered history in South East Asia, especially in China and Japan where they were hung on the eves of scared buildings. Amongst various other applications, many of our ancestors used windchimes for weather forecasting, a practical and obvious use. They determined wind speed and direction by noticing small changes in the wind chime song: the louder the chime song, the more intense the wind. Fishermen relied on windchimes to warn them when not to go to sea. Many a sailor may thank this device as the instrument that very well could have saved their lives. Hanging a windchime by cultivated crops in Indonesia helped scare birds away.

In ancient Asian cultures, however, historians believe the most common reason used for hanging a wind chime was to rid evil spirits from a dwelling and invite good spirits inside. This practice, part of the Feng Shui culture, suggests that wind chimes can balance both positive and negative forces that exist all around us, thus creating harmony in our lives. Feng Shui literally translates as Wind (Feng) and Water (Shui). Chinese scholars claimed to know how wind and water affect our environment and act on our well-being and that specific placement of certain objects, such as windchimes, can help focus the energy flow called "chi". Sound is powerful in Feng Shui. Wind chimes especially are popular with Feng Shui followers because they believed to bring good luck. Wind and sound - Feng Shui and Windchimes: A natural fit.

So, how does this work? Feng Shui believers think that properly installed windchimes can attract money and friends. It can also promote health and harmony for your family. Windchimes, in conjunction with Feng Shui are thought even to loosen pent up energy buried under clutter! How exciting is that? With that in mind, we're providing some tips for inviting those good spirits and positive energy into your home. For good luck, hang hand-tuned wind chimes with six or eight round rods - even numbers promote a balancing influence. For family troubles, however, there is a need to break up bad chi, windchimes with five round rods are what you're looking for as odd numbers can produce harmony. Do you have a long entranceway in your home, such as a long hallway? Hang a windchime by your front door, the sound created by the windchime can help slow down positive energy and keep it from dispersing too quickly. Placing a small wind chime in a corner stirs up and releases chi in that area. Keep in mind that in Feng Shui, you should never place your windchime directly over any sitting, eating or working space. The most important aspect of windchimes and Feng Shui is to ensure that the sound of the windchime is both pleasing and relaxing and that the size of the windchime is appropriate to the place it's hung.

Autor: Stephen Udice

After spending 35 yrs with a very large company, Steve Udice retired and figured it was time to have fun again. Natural settings and tropical environments have allowed him to shift his focus to a passion that he has always had. Wind chimes are that passion and he hopes that he can bring that passion into your home and garden. Steve is especially interested in the harmony and peace that windchimes can bring into any environment, not only by sound, but visually as well.

Added: January 12, 2010
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Energising Your Career

To create opportunities for career advancement, first carefully analyse the external influences impinging on te Northern side of your home. Check all windows pointing in this direction for visible 'secret arrows'. Any invisible 'sicret arrows' which are screened off so you cannot see them do not have an effect.

Stimulating your career sector
If career is your priority, ahead of say family or education, then plan to stimulate this Northern sector. Look again at the Pa Kua and identify its Element, which is Water. Now think laterally about appropriate symbols. One that comes to mind is the horseshoe, a traditional Western symbol of luck, and made of Metal. Remember however, if you use this, position it so that its 'horns' point upwards so that the 'luck does no un out'. Don't think of this chain of associations as thinking superstitously, but as thinking symbolically. Another suitable Metal ch'i enhances a metal wind-chime. Make sure however that the wind-chimes are of the hollow sort, not solid metal. Make sure that you don't over-emphasize the Element Earth in the Northern quarter by displaying crystals or other Earth-oriented objects. This I because Earth destroys Water and that is the reverse of what you wish to happen in the Northerly career sector. As the colour of Water in the North is either dark blue or black, another symbolic addition to this corner is a blue light. A fish tank directly symbolizing Water is good, but you should choose black or dark blue fish, rather than too many gold or red fish. Thinking through the Production Cycle of the Elements, it should be obvious that as Wood is produced by Water, Wood must therefore exhaust Water in this production. Placing indoor plants in the Northern sector of the house is not a good idea as they will sap or reduce the vitality of Water in this particular sector. Another career related consideration is the direction in which the windows open. Inward-opening windows are considered harmful to careers.

Feng Shui in the office
At your place of work, when you have meetings that are important to your business, try to position yourself at the conference table so that you do not have your back to the doorway. If possible you should try to sit facing one of your best Directions. Find our best position of furniture in your office and boardrooms in http://www.fengshuifurniture.net.

Autor: Chris Dimitrova

Added: January 11, 2010
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 Amazing Feng Shui Tips on How to Enhance Your Personal Health

Having good health is of paramount importance to anyone. There's a saying that "Health is wealth", hence if we can stay healthy we will be able to do a lot of things which will bring prosperity and fortune into our life. In accordance to feng shui principles, there are effective cures and remedies that can help you to maintain a good health. The following are three feng shui tips that will enhance your personal health.

1. Beware Of The Illness Star 2

You must be absolutely alert to the dangerous illness star number 2 affliction that show up in the year and month charts. Depending on which location of your home is affected by the illness star 2, you should implement feng shui cures and remedies to suppress it. An excellent cure is to place a wu luo with an image of the Eight Immortals to curb the illness star 2 affliction.

2. Always Keep Your Home Well-Lit At Night

Always keep your home well-lit, particularly at night, to protect against negative energy that will cause illnesses. All negative energy needs to be revitalized, transformed, or at the very least, kept under control.

3. Sleep In Your Tien Yi (Health) Direction

If you want to enjoy good health, you should sleep at your Tien Yi (Health) direction. Your personal Tien Yi direction is based on your KUA Number calculated using your date of birth. By sleeping in your Tien Yi direction, you attract auspicious and good energy which will enhance your personal health.

Autor: Swanton Mah

Swanton Mah is a freelance writer on Feng Shui. Along with his love partner, they own and operate 101FengShuiTips.com which offers feng shui cures and remedies. For more fengshui tips and guide on home living and arrangements and how to learn and apply feng shui yourself, go to => http://www.101fengshuitips.com.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Business Feng Shui Tips For Increasing Profits and Prosperity

Did you know that popular and extremely effective feng shui techniques are also used in offices and workplaces around the world to attract great wealth and good fortune through sound business feng shui principles?

In fact, in Hong Kong, feng shui practices are heavily enforced through the very building and construction of a business and it's premises, to the day to day runnings of business in the workplace, office and meeting rooms. From billionaire Asian business tycoons to the Bank of China to small family owned stores, business feng shui practices are implemented to help acquire greater wealth, fortune, health and happiness. So maybe it's time that you put some sound business feng shui into action in your workplace to help you get that raise, bring in more customers, increase your profits or just work better.

Take a look at these business feng shui tips to help point you in the right direction towards greater luck energy in your work life.

  • Make sure that you always sit with a solid wall behind you to represent support and strength in your life. You should sit so that you're in full view of the rooms main entrance and windows for optimal business feng shui placement.
  • Office furniture, desks, tables or shelves should all have rounded corners, or even better be round in shape. Straight edged or sharp corners will cut chi and destroy the flow through your space, ultimately creating "sha chi" or negative chi.
  • The same principles can be applied to plants in your business feng shui space, make sure that they are softer edged plants and don't have sharp or spike-like leaves, commonly known as poison arrows.
  • Don't place empty boxes, or even an empty vase near the main door. As new chi enters the office, it will be sucked into the empty spaces leaving nothing left for the rest of the environment. The idea is to attract sheng chi (good energy) and keep it circulating freely in your environment for maximum benefit.
  • Using the Bagua map (find one on my website), determine your area or wealth of future wealth area and place items like the fax machine, telephone and computers in this area to attract more business.
  • If you're a shop owner, place the till register or even the petty cash container in the wealth area. Your order books should also be placed here, along with 3 ancient gold Chinese coins held together with red strong or ribbon stuck on top of them to attract more money to the business.
  • Keep your desk surface clean and clutter free as it is symbolic of your state of mind, tidy desk is a tidy mind, working better will result. The same can be said for the workplace or office in general, clutter is enemy number one not only in business but everywhere. Clear the clutter first to avoid any blockages of energy flow in the area.
  • Use mirrors help to create more light which represents the water element, and the space will become more soothing. Southeast, East and North are the best feng shui places for mirrors according to the bagua map.
  • Placing a mirrors next to your cash register or order book will symbolically double what's reflected, so your profit and orders will increase, or even your wage packet!
  • Be careful not to reflect the main entrance to your space in any mirrors as it will act as a way for the energy to leave you, having the reverse effect which is probably worse than having the mirror there at all. Be weary of what's reflected in all your mirrors and be sure the reflections are only of positive symbols and objects, so that you receive more of them.

Follow these quick business feng shui tips to allow you, your office, company or workplace to benefit from greater balanced energy and help attract to you more of what you want whether that's a clearer work focus, more profits or greater wealth luck!

Autor: Lin Mai

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui to start using business feng shui to make your business attract money like a magnet!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feng Shui and Family

You can use the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui to create an atmosphere that allows your family members to interact with each other in a warm and cordial manner.

To apply the principles of Feng Shui in your home clear the family areas completely of any mess or clutter. This will help good chi or positive energy to flow to these areas. This is also why Feng Shui asks you to keep your house as clean and tidy as possible. Remove all unnecessary and redundant items. Throw away anything that you are not likely to be using.

Once your house is free of clutter, focus on the family areas of your home. The living room and dining room are the areas that impact your family life the most. You can use Feng Shui to recommend colors that add harmony to these rooms and allow the free flow of chi.

Family areas should not make use of colors like red or orange. As per Feng Shui, green is the ideal color for a family room. It is a symbol of life and growth. In case it is not possible for you to repaint or remodel your house to suit this color scheme, just add a few indoor house plants into the family areas. The second best choices for the family areas are blue and black. These are said to encourage the flow of chi.

As per Feng Shui the elements wood and water symbolize family. This is why you should include these elements as part of your decor. Wooden photo frames around family pictures is a good way of achieving this. The perfect way to make water a part of your decor is to have a water fountain. However, this may not be a practical idea. Placing a mirror in the family area has the same effect as having a water fountain. Most design schemes can incorporate these elements easily.

Use the family areas to display objects that symbolize your family such as mementoes picked up while on a family trip. Even family heirlooms are a great way of reminding the family members of their roots. The combination of the right colors, the right elements and family memorabilia will help to draw your family closer and encourage chi to flow through your house without any obstructions. Take care to put these Feng Shui principles into practice and watch the relationships between your family members turning into deep, harmonious and long-lasting bonds.

Autor: Allan Wu

Allan enjoys writing up on a variety of subjects. Other than the above topic, he also likes to set up sites on different topics. Do check out his new site which covers useful information on coffee table furniture.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips For Using Feng Shui in the Kitchen

The area in the house that is most used is the kitchen. This is where the food for the entire family is prepared, stored and in some cases even consumed. This area of the house symbolizes prosperity and nourishment for the whole family. To achieve prosperity, apply the principles of Feng Shui in the kitchen so that all your family members can reap the benefits.

Ideally, the entrance to your kitchen should not be seen from the main door of your house. If this is the case, you and your family are likely to have digestive disorders. Your guests may feel negative vibes due to the incorrect placement of the kitchen door and would be likely to leave quickly after eating a meal. It would be difficult to completely change the entrance to your kitchen.

You can solve the problem by placing a curtain or screen in front of the kitchen door which would conceal the door from your main entrance. The aim is to divert attention away from the door of the kitchen.

You should place your stove in such a way that when someone enters the kitchen they can clearly spot the person who is cooking. The cook should be able to look at the person who has entered the kitchen without having to turn around to do so. You also need to separate your water element from your fire element. The microwave, dishwasher, kitchen sink and refrigerator need to be placed away from each other. Keep the stove away from any windows. Else your prosperity is likely to dissipate through the window.

You should keep the kitchen free from clutter. Do not store any appliances that are not working. Remove anything that is broken or dysfunctional. It is better to discard an appliance that does not work rather than let it stand in the kitchen. These changes will allow chi or positive energy to flow through your kitchen. A clean and tidy kitchen is most vital according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and correct placement of objects in the kitchen can have a significant impact on your life. Harmony, peace and prosperity can e achieved by designing a kitchen that follows the principles of Feng Shui. The correct arrangement of appliances and other objects in the kitchen is essential for encouraging the flow of chi. Only then can true prosperity and nourishment flow out of the kitchen.

Autor: Gabriel Stiller

Gabriel enjoys providing articles on various interesting topics. Besides this topic, he also has a keen interest in furniture. Do check out his latest site at http://beanbagfurniture.info/ which covers reviews and product information on bean bag furniture.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Easy Feng Shui - The Relationship Corner and the Master Bedroom - Part 1

Just as there are many prosperity areas in the Bagua aside from the Prosperity Corner, there area many relationship areas aside from the Relationship Corner.

Actually you could say that all of Feng Shui is about relationship, the relationship of one object to another and most importantly the relationship of your environment to you. The goal is to create your environment to support you in every area of your life. I see it as a big circle, a give and take of support and attention.

Attention is love. Through your practice of Feng Shui you give attention to your environment. The result of giving attention to your environment is that love is returned to you in the form of support and the manifestation of your intentions. What you concentrate on expands. That is universal law.

Feng Shui is "the intelligent use of intention through environmental metaphor". This is a quote from Barry Gordon from the book "Move Your Stuff Change Your Life" by Karen Rauch Carter. Barry Gordon is a physicist and Feng Shui Practitioner. This is one of my favorite books on Feng Shui.

The Relationship Corner is the back right corner if you are standing in the center of the front of your home. The colors are red, pink and white. There is no element associated with this area. There is no shape associated with this area. However, you do want to have pairs of items in it. The Relationship corner has to do with all relationships, not only your primary one. So think of harmonious communication between two people as a metaphor for this area. Not only do you want pairs of items in it but you also want to generate an atmosphere of ease and flow. You don't want things in there that represent work. No treadmills or exercise equipment. No pictures of single people or items, nothing that evokes feelings of starkness or loneliness.

In both of the houses I have lived in most recently the master bedroom has been in the relationship area. This is fun because it makes sense. If you have a relationship or are working on manifesting one this is your artist's canvas. Your master bedroom is the most important room in the house no matter where it falls in the bagua. It is where you go to rest and rejuvenate. It is the place that should feed your soul because after all the most important relationship you have is with yourself. The master bedroom is the place to really treat your self well. Have beautiful things that are a pleasure to look at and make you feel good. Be sure that the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up gives you a feeling of happiness and contentment. Your master bedroom should nurture you.

A few things to avoid having in the master bedroom are televisions, books, computers and exercise equipment because they are not conducive to rest. Energetically they demand your attention whether they are in use or not. Not only does that treadmill imply work and not rest, but if it hasn't been used in a while, you get to go to sleep with a dose of guilt on top of it! Not the stuff sweet dreams are made of. If you must have a TV in your master bedroom the best cure is to throw a cover over it when you go to sleep. Put the books in the night stand or out of the room and put the computer in the career area. Exercise equipment works great in the children and creativity area where the element is metal.

My next Feng Shui article will continue the discussion of the Relationship corner and the master bedroom.


Autor: Kelly Whetstone

My name is Kelly Whetstone. I am an artist, a Feng Shui practitioner, a faux painter and a Mystic. I teach metaphysics and spirituality. I counsel through http://www.12listen.com. I believe that creating a supportive environment, a personal sanctuary in our homes has a major affect on our lives in the outside world. Home is where we go to rest, restore and revitalize. It is our sacred space, our refuge. By simply having things around us that we love, that make us feel good and that bring us into the present moment we are empowered. Please visit http://www.empoweringstyle.com for a large selection of products to help you create your sanctuary.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Easy Feng Shui - Relationship Corner and the Master Bedroom - Part 2

Think serenity, rest and balance in the master bedroom. Every object and piece of furniture and their placement should support you. If you have night stands keep an equal number of objects on them. In Feng Shui there is a concept called the "Power Position". This is a symbol of protection. It looks like this; A house with a mountain behind it, a small hill on either side and a stream flowing in front of it. It translates to the master bedroom in this way; a bed with a headboard, nightstands on either side and a rug on the floor at the foot of the bed. Remember, it is all about intention. How well do you sleep when you feel safe and protected?

It is best to have your bed situated so that when the bedroom door is open the Chi coming through the door does not cut across the bed. Chi that moves across the bed disturbs rest and can cause physical ailments in the part of the body that faces the door way. If your bedroom door opens across your bed and you cannot move the bed there is a simple cure. Red stops or moves Chi. Place a piece of red ribbon across the side of the bed into which the door opens. This will do the trick. You don't have to see it. You can tape it to rail of the mattress frame. It is also a good idea to cover sharp corners of furniture that might be facing the bed. Again this is sharp Chi and can be disturbing. If you cannot move the furniture throw a cover over it.

Mirrors are another thing that can disturb rest. Our spirits wander at night while we sleep and may find mirrors startling. My master bedroom had a closet that was the width of the room and had mirrored doors. So, I bought two shoji screens and covered them at night. It worked well and looked nice. Closet doors should always be closed. Do not hang anything on the wall above your head especially anything heavy. The energy can be unsettling, not what you need while sleeping.

If you are single and are looking for a relationship your master bedroom is an important place to focus your attention. The colors of the relationship area are red, pink and white. If those are just not your colors go small. A toss pillow on the bed, a pair of candles or simply a piece of red heart shaped construction paper taped to the wall behind the headboard will work with the proper intention. Write your list of the qualities you want in a relationship along with a strong affirmation that you already have it. Put it in a red envelope and tuck it away somewhere. You could even put it between your mattress and box spring.

Make space for another person. Leave one dresser drawer empty for someone else to use. Make some space in your closet for them to hang a few things. Sleep on one side of your bed not in the middle so someone can share it with you. Park your car on one side of the garage or driveway leaving room for someone else to park on the other side. Small mindful things like these are powerful affirmations to the Universe that you have room for someone else in your life.

If you are married or have a partner, your master bedroom is your sanctuary. You may have children but their toys or clothes do not belong in your master bedroom. Photos of anyone other than the two of you do not belong in your master bedroom. This is the place where you honor your marriage or relationship. It is only for you. Keeping it clutter free and clean shows respect for your relationship and this teaches your children that lesson as well.

My next Feng Shui article will deal with the relationship aspect of the Helpful People and Travel area.


Autor: Kelly Whetstone

My name is Kelly Whetstone. I am an artist, a Feng Shui practitioner, a faux painter and a Mystic. I teach metaphysics and spirituality. I counsel through http://www.12listen.com. I believe that creating a supportive environment, a personal sanctuary in our homes has a major affect on our lives in the outside world. Home is where we go to rest, restore and revitalize. It is our sacred space, our refuge. By simply having things around us that we love, that make us feel good and that bring us into the present moment we are empowered. Please visit http://www.empoweringstyle.com for a large selection of products to help you create your sanctuary.

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