Feng shui (traditional Chinese: 風水; simplified Chinese: 风水; pinyin: fēng shuǐ; pronounced /ˈfəŋˌʃueɪ/ foong-shoy in Chinese Mandarin, "fheng-schway" in American English) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi. The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (traditional Chinese: 堪輿; simplified Chinese: 堪舆; pinyin: kānyú; literally: Tao of heaven and earth).

The words feng shui literally translate as "wind-water" in English. This is a cultural shorthand taken from the following passage of the Zhangshu (Book of Burial) by Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty:

Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.

Traditional Feng Shui practice always requires an extremely accurate Chinese compass, or Luo Pan, in order to determine the directions in finding any auspicious sector in a desired location.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Romancing the Home - Feng Shui Style

Is your relationship with your home starting to resemble that old Righteous Brothers tune "You Lost that Loving Feeling?" If so, the powers and principles of Feng shui are the perfect tonic to revitalize, refresh and reinvigorate your home.

Your home is often the most important place in your life. It's where you can create a loving safe haven away from the rest of the world so why not use the simple rules of feng shui to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

When I say romancing your home, I don't mean an "extreme home makeover." I'm talking about implementing a few easy to do changes that will get the positive energy flowing again. It's all about creating a harmonious, eye appealing living space by expressing your own personal taste. In case you're not sure where to start, here are a few suggestions to get the proverbial ball rolling.

Simply put, the principles of feng shui are all about enhancing the positive energy flow in a particular space. One of the best ways to do this in your home is to make it family friendly. A happy family carries a positive vibration that fills the home and spills over into all other areas of the house. Simple things like having a round dining table rather than the traditional rectangle. This encourages a smooth even flow to dinner time conversation. Happy family - happy home!

Wherever possible, utilize open spaces in your house. One of the worst ways to defeat the power of feng shui is to clutter your house up with unneeded furniture and knick knacks. Keep your home organized and neat with obvious lines of travel between rooms.

Displaying symbols of romance and love is a powerful way to increase the energy in the home. Where possible, display your things in pairs: two candles or two figurines. Pictures or statues of love birds or mandarin ducks are symbols of loving relationships. You can also put the philosophy of Yin and Yang (opposites) to work by displaying pictures of things like mountains and water side by side.

One of the best and easiest ways to change the energy of a room is a paint job. While your personal taste in color is definitely important, use the following as a guide to pick the right energy producing color.

Pink is not my personal favorite as it brings up childhood memories of Grandma's house but, it is the color of love and gives your room an approachable softened feel.

Painting a whole room red might be a bit over powering as it is such a passionate color but red accents or possibly one wall in red can generate a lot of energy and passion in the room.

Blue and green are calming colors that give a sense of stability.

By far the most common color is white. It does create a fresh feel to the room but can also be a bit frosty, so why not warm it up a bit by using slightly off-white tones or an accent wall to add something to catch the eye.

Autor: Oliver Reid

We in the West think that Feng Shui is strictly an Asian phenomenon used only in far away countries and "strange" cultures but in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.
Click Here to learn the ins and outs of feng Shui. Feng Shui permeates our culture and learning to harness its' life changing powers might be one of the most important things you ever do. Feng Shui in the bedroom or in the home office can be a powerful friend if you know how to use it.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Feng Shui Decoration With Colors Will Transform Your World

Feng shui doesn't only help with the aesthetically pleasing arrangement of objects in your home, but it also brings together important elements so that harmony and balance can be achieved. One of the key things to consider with your home feng shui decoration, is colors. Color has the ability to affect a person's emotional and physical state. Each color has a unique way of affecting a person and this is how color can be applied with feng shui in your space to enhance certain energies in your life. When it comes to your home feng shui decoration and color, they can all be categorized under Yin or Yang colors. Generally, Yin colors are those which promote relaxation. Examples of such are Black, Purple, White and Blue. On the other hand, Yang colors are those which promote positivism and motivation. Examples of Yang colors are Orange, Yellow, Red and Brown.

Here we'll dig a little deeper to find out more about home feng shui decoration with color, working together, and the variety of effects that it have on your life when using them in your home. Black symbolizes money. This color is great with the wealth and career areas of your home and can also symbolize emotional protection.

White has the ability to exude purity and simplicity. It can also help brighten dark rooms, although a room which is painted all white can sometimes give off an isolated sense. White also symbolizes cleanliness. Purple has a calming effect. This color usually gives off feelings of being protected and comfortable. It also inspires faith and trust. Again with this color, too rich of a shade might be too overpowering and suffocating so you might want to choose a lighter shade if you want to paint your walls with this color. The color Blue has a calming effect which makes it a popular color choice for feng shui decoration of meditation or prayer rooms. Blue is very cool, calming and relaxing. In the scientific world, blue is believed to help with lowering a person's blood pressure. Bedrooms which have blue as their main color theme can also be helpful in getting more sleep.

Green is full of energy. Since it is the color of nature, it can be very energetic but at the same time have a calming effect. If you want to bring in harmony to any room, this is the color that you should choose. If you are troubled and in need of a calming and refreshing touch, green is surely the way to go.

Yellow is considered as a happy color. It stimulates the brain so that a person can achieve clarity and good thinking. Yellow is also identified with logic and since it is very bright, it can bring energy to any room. Like yellow, orange is also a joyful color. This color is great to use for feng shui decoration in your dining room because it can stimulate a person's appetite. This color also has the ability to signify being together so it is great for parties. This color also promotes good vibes and good communication. Red is the primary color for passion. This is a color which has the ability to inspire movement and energy. This color is so powerful that it can be overwhelming to some people, so you might want to choose a lighter shade of red like pink. Just use red in rooms where there are lots of activities like your exercise room. Red also promotes sensuality so you should keep hints of it in your bedroom.

As you can see, feng shui decoration with color can be a very powerful combination for enhancing different areas of your life. It's important to understand that just as colors represent emotions and promote certain actions, they also relate to individual feng shui elements. Using elements and colors that 'clash' leads to a destructive cycle which is something you really want to avoid. Understanding more about the five elements and their colors is the key to getting this process right and creating and environment that's thriving in harmonized positive energy.

Autor: Lin Mai

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. Visit Way To Feng Shui for more expert advice on feng shui decoration, colors in your home, the five elements and much more to help you truly enhance your life to bring health wealth and happiness.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Energizing the Feng Shui Love Corner in Your Bedroom

In addition to the general feng shui tips on love romance, you can also energize and protect your personalized "nien yen" (Romance & Love) direction and location. Check your personal nien yen direction at "How To Calculate Your KUA Number And Know Your Auspicious Directions" article; then try to understand and apply at least 3 of the following feng shui tips for your bedroom. It is never feasible for all the tips to be perfect and get everything correctly aligned to suit your most auspicious direction. Hence, if you can get 60 to 70 percent correct when applying the feng shui tips, you will be able to benefit considerably from the tips.

1. Do make it an effort to always sleep with your head pointed to your nienyen direction.

2. Select a bedroom which is positioned in your nien yen corner.

3. Ensure that you DO NOT have your toilet in your nien yen direction.

4. Try your best to have your bedroom door facing your nien yen direction.

5. Make sure that your nien yen corner is not missing.

If your nien yen is South,
Shine a bright light in your bedroom's South corner. Next, place a small red light in your bedroom's Northwest corner, and make an effort to hang a windchime in the Northeast corner of your bedroom.

If your nien yen is Northwest,
Invest in clear-cut crystal which is reasonably-priced and place it in the Northwest corner of your bedroom. Then, you should position a piece of furniture painted black in the South. Last but not least, place a metal windchime in your bedroom's Southeast.

If your nien yen is Southeast,
Place a small red light in your bedroom's Southeast corner. Place another red light in the Northwest and then hang a windchime in the Northeast.

If your nienyen is East,
You must place a small red light in the East of your bedroom. Then, you should decorate your bedroom's West corner with something red, and the Southwest corner with something black.

If your nienyen is Northwest,
In your bedroom's Northwest corner, place a silver picture frame. Then, you should decorate your bedroom's East and Southeast in metallic or gray colors.

If your nienyen is Southwest,
In your bedroom's Southwest corner, place a red light or crystals. You should also place some crystals in the North corner and decorate your bedroom's East corner in metallic colors.

If your nienyen is Northeast,
In the Northeast of your bedroom, do place a red light or crystals. Next, you should decorate your bedroom's East and Southeast in metallic or gray colors.

If your nienyen is West,
In your bedroom's West wall, hang a silver-framed photo and also place a golden or silver collared bedspread on your bed. Next, you should place crystals in your bedroom's North corner.

If your nien yen is in the North,
In your bedroom's North area, display something small that is painted black. Decorate your bedroom's West and Southwest corners with metallic or gray colors.

By tapping into the direction of your nien yen and feng shui that particular direction, you can great improve your love relationship with your love partner. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more effective way to enhance your love romance, I would strongly advise you to check up 101FengShuiTips Dot Com. It consists of various powerful and effective feng shui tips that are perfectly written for beginners and you can easily acquire the tips and guide to improve your love life!

Autor: Swanton Mah

Swanton Mah is a freelance Feng Shui consultant who uses the wisdom of Feng Shui to bring great health, wealth and love to anyone who wants to improve their lives. Along with his love partner, Celeste Tanne, they own and operate 101FengShuiTips.com. By tapping on the wisdom of Feng Shui, we hope that you can have the unlimited power to receive and give love and create the happiness and joy that most of us wish to pursue.

For more information on Feng Shui tips and guide on home living and arrangements and how to learn and apply Feng Shui yourself, go to: http://www.101fengshuitips.com

We genuine hope something inside this website brings every visitor the good fortune they each want.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feng Shui Store Design

A well planned store interior is essential for retail success. We know for example that good store design can revitalize sales, minimize shoplifting and promote a brand image. But what if the way the interior space is articulated, allowed you to tap into a hidden energy for promoting your store and attracting good fortune?

This is the belief behind Feng Shui store design and it is by no means a New Age fad. This practice has been applied by Chinese merchants for centuries, and is now finding new followers in the west in amongst some large retailers. Without getting too deeply into it (it's heavy with arcane detail), it is an ancient code, partly aesthetic, partly practical and with a large helping mysticism. The purpose (which literally translates as air water) is to modulate and channel the invisible energy ("qui" pronounced "chi") that exists all around us. By manipulating or rather fine tuning the physical environment, it is possible to harmonize with this energy and create a beneficial synergy to affect the lives of those who interact with that environment in a positive way.

Some retailers who are applying the ancient Chinese principles within their stores design are vehemently asserting a measurable increase in business according to a recent article published in Apparel News. But, while the financial returns may be indisputable it is just possible that a lot of the results reflect the fact that Feng Shui incorporates a lot of good design practice and pure aesthetic principles, the real benefits stemming from ordering a retail space with a non subjective clarity. Of course there speaks the skeptic! The other possibility is that there exists a metaphysical force with a power to influence the bottom line. Where ever the truth lies, anything that acts a tonic to boost sales in these testing times is worthy of some further exploration.

To find out more information about Feng Shui or to find a consultant in your area visit The American Feng Shui Institute (www.amfengshui.com) or if you're into a bit of DIY then Lillian Too's book "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui" is a great starting point and reference manual.

Autor: Timothy Baldwin

Tim Baldwin is the President of Subastral Inc. Store Fixtures; retail display supplier to the fashion apparel industry.

For Further Information Please Visit Our Site http://www.subastralinc.com

Subastral Inc. 2009 All Rights Reserved

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Basic Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

An ancient and practical approach in organizing the environment as it has the subtle ability to influence us; Feng Shui shows how the right use of spaces and the order of arrangements can offer us balance and harmony. By taking control of our environment, we do not allow it to become an obstacle in our lives. Here are some basic Feng Shui tips for your home use.

Invest your time and effort in clutter-clearing. This process helps you lighten up the load that you place in your home as well as therapeutically reducing the load in your mind. Clearing the clutter is a very important tip to as it creates harmonious Feng Shui energy in your home.

Allow good quality of air and light to enter your home. Air and light are two vital elements for good chi or energy in your home. Do this by opening your windows often, utilizing air-purifier and air-purifying plants. You can also consider full spectrum lights for your home but natural light is also acceptable. Just make sure your home gets plenty of it.

Get the Ba-Gua or Feng Shui energy map of your home defined. This is done by using a compass for this purpose to find areas of your home that are connected to specific areas of your life. An example of this would be that wealth and money energy of your life is connected to the southeast area of your home.

Find out the birth element of yourself to create a home that is supportive of your Feng Shui element. For example, if fire is your birth element, you can use fire color elements such as red, purple or yellow for your home. A strong wood element for your home is also needed to feed the fire of your birth element.

Find out your Kua number so you can position yourself in ways that are most beneficial for you. This is done by adjusting the placement of your bed, your dining area, hall or home office. A Kua number of one suggests that the best directions to be followed are east, south, north and southeast.

In the world of energy, everything is always moving and changing. Keep yourself balanced and in harmony with the energy of your home through its arrangements by these basic tips.

Autor: Francis Murphy Francis Murphy
Level: Basic PLUS
Francis Murphy is premium copywriter. Email me your orders at chrisarticles@live.com...

At the end of this article, I'd like to share cool websites with more tips on topics like feng shui tips and how to build a home theater. Visit for more information.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Basic Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

A bedroom with good Feng Shui is inviting, exciting and calming at the same time. Whether you are in the room to have a short nap, a good night's sleep, or to have passionate love, a bedroom with good Feng Shui is both fun and pleasurable to be in. With these easy-to-do Feng Shui bedroom tips, turn your bedroom into a space that is going to influence your energy positively.

Keep the TV, computer and other exercise equipment away from your bedroom. The presence of any of these items is going to destroy the balance energy in your bedroom. The same thing goes with plants as they do not offer good Feng Shui unless you have a large bedroom, in which case they must be placed a distance away from the bed.

Let good quality of air enter into your bedroom by opening the windows regularly. You can also use air-purifier to supply your room with fresh air that is loaded with oxygen. A bedroom that has stale air and is full of dust or pollutants is really not a good Feng Shui place. Be aware of the quality of air in your bedroom by keeping it clean and aerated.

Have your bedroom d�cor painted with the soothing type of color like skin colors. Feng Shui bedroom d�cor supports the best flow of energy that is vital for a sleep that has a healing quality. Choose the colors from pale white to chocolate brown for your bedroom d�cor as these colors fall in the range of the normal skin color.

Offer you bedroom appropriate lighting that has a dimmer switch for you to adjust the energy accordingly. Since light is the strongest energy element and is the primary source of nutrients, pay great attention to the lighting of your bedroom. Candles provide best Feng Shui lighting for your bedroom but try to avoid ones that are loaded with toxins.

The perfect bedroom differs from one person to the next but it should be a place where you are able to experience a good sound sleep as well as pleasure. Keep these useful tips in mind to help you keep your bedroom's energy in balance with you.

Autor: Francis Murphy Francis Murphy
Level: Basic PLUS
Francis Murphy is premium copywriter. Email me your orders at chrisarticles@live.com...

At the end of this article, I'd like to share cool websites with more tips on topics like feng shui bedroom tips and how to make a headboard. Visit for more information.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to School Feng Shui Tips

In order to bring order to the chaos of back to school time, here's my advice for creating a home that can handle the job:

1. Designate a place for reminders, flyers, and misc. notes that come home from school. Is there a part of a wall somewhere that needs to turn into a bulletin board? Make sure there is a trash can near by so that it is easy to keep this space updated. If this ends up in the kitchen, make sure it does not interfere with the function of the kitchen. I see a lot of "piles gone wild" on countertops in the homes where I consult. Food preparation space has been overtaken by the school reminder pile. Everyone ends up frustrated in this situation.

2. Designate a permanent homework-friendly zone. This is the place where long term homework projects can remain "in the process" for a while without being disturbed. If you have more than one child, there may have to be individual zones for each one. School is your kid's job. And just like you are designated a job space at work, your child needs a job space somewhere within the home where organizational thinking can take place. If you can create this space in the skills and knowledge area of a room or the home - so much the better (that's the front left-hand space as you walk in the door.) I see a lot of kids doing their daily homework on the dining room table or at the counter in the kitchen. That's fine, but I consider this a temporary work space.

Besides this space, I'd like to see someplace - however small - that energetically holds the homework and homework necessities within the home (perhaps it is a milk crate-like bin in the pantry that holds everything.) Have a logical go-to place when someone says "Where's my homework?" This is the mom's drop place for homework and school related stuff when she sees the stuff out of it's boundaries within the house. I'd like to see a place for reference material and full time homework aids too, so if this box or zone has to get out of the kitchen, do it.

3. Designate "a year's-worth of storage" somewhere, where each child can collect their work throughout the year. This is, of course, the work that seems logical to save for a time. I've had some parents say to me that they save everything throughout the year because they had to prove to a teacher later that the child actually did the work (the teacher forgot to mark a grade, etc.) So, I'm thinking of this bin for that function - not as a bin to save everything forever! If you do save everything, just make sure you go through it when the year is over - don't quietly put a lid on it and stuff it somewhere in the garage...you'll be overrun by paper before you know it. Don't forget my rule - nothing under the bed...perhaps this box could actually find a home in the garage or in a storage unit in the home office.

During consultations throughout the years, I have seen many little built-in or just regular desks in the kid's rooms, where if the kid was doing their homework, they would have a wall about 18 inches in front of them. For all of these desks that I have seen - I have seen NONE actually being used as a homework desk. They are usually junk collecting and catch-all spaces. That's because having your face 18 inches from a wall is VERY POOR FENG SHUI and kids just won't put up with it - they know better! So, if you are trying to create a homework-friendly environment, place a desk in the room so that the child's back is to the wall and they have the breadth of the room in front of them. Hopefully they can see the door while seated, but are not in line with it. I'm not big on computers in the bedroom, but if it has to be there, bundle the cords to create the most aesthetically pleasing and safe space around the desk.

Here are some additional feng shui homework helpers:

1. Yellow is a great color to study around - paint the walls or the top of the desk. Or a simpler solution is to get a yellow blotter to place on top of the desk. People trained in ADD assistance use yellow color overlays to help steady the words on the page for those they are helping, so I'm sure there is some scientific study why this works...but all we care about is that it does!

2. Classical music - even if it is very low in the background, it can be a subconscious helper in the homework department. On the other hand, make sure the noise pollution (traffic outside, humming AC units, siblings fighting) is kept at a minimum as well.

3. No sloped ceilings, beams or fans overhead the homework space. I think I'll invent a hat that has a mirror on the top of it (facing up) as a cure for these situations! The answer is to place a mirror face up somewhere between the person and the object overhead to repel it away if that's the only place you have to use.

4. Proper light - a clear task light on the table can go a long way here - to keep the child "on task" and to help "shed some light" on the subject of the homework. And natural lighting is always a good idea to keep someone awake.

5. Make sure the actual chair is comfortable enough for the average homework sit.

6. Minimize distractions - no phone, Play station, TV, etc. within view.

7. The attic, ceiling and roof can equal the "head space" of the house. If you've got "cob webs upstairs" in your head, you might want to clean the real webs out of the attic spaces of your home.

I hope you find these feng shui tips helpful in creating a safe and empowering environment for you.

Autor: Karen Rauch Carter

Karen Rauch Carter, founder of Life With Zing, motivates people to rethink their day to day choices by implementing simple, yet doable fixes for home, health, relationships and more. Karen wrote the best-selling book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, and designed the ultimate site to empower people to create, shift towards, and live their fullest, most vibrant life. Download your FREE Transformation Tracker at: http://www.lifewithzing.com

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can Feng Shui Help Your Business?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to maximize the flow of "chi", or energy, through yourself and your environment. Feng shui supposes that balancing these energies creates good chi, which results in good fortune. Bad chi, however, results in hardship. The Chinese swear by it, whilst others think it is the biggest load of nonsense they have ever heard. Although feng shui has been used for many years in the home to improve happiness, the same principles can also be applied in the workplace to help bring business success and prosperity.

Office layout is an important factor in feng shui. Desks and workstations should be arranged harmoniously so that chi is able to flow smoothly. Doors should not open up onto desks or tables, as this can create bad chi and cause bad luck and obstacles.

The office should be well-lit with a good amount of natural light, preferably from a window. Ideally, everyone in the office should be able to see out of a window by looking up from their desk, but not necessarily positioned front of a window. Air quality is another important issue - fresh air should be available through a good air circulation system. Poor air quality is accountable for fatigue and low productivity.

Water is a key aspect of feng shui, the word 'shui' actually means water, so having a water feature in the building, such as a fountain in the reception area, is considered good practice. Running water is considered very calming, so this will have a positive effect on both your employees, and visitors to your building. The presence of flowers in an office can also help invigorate people who feel low and increase energy levels in your staff.

Ensure that desks are kept tidy and clutter free - a good storage facility can help with this. Many believe that the state of your desk is a reflection of your state of mind.

When decorating your office, have a good balance of yin and yang in your office furniture, wall coverings and flooring by using both light and dark colours, hard and soft surfaces and rough and smooth textures. Good colours to use are greys and blues, which represent metal (encouraging focus and clarity) and water (encouraging prosperity and creativity).

There are also more peculiar rules to follow should you wish to, for example, placing a money frog in the office, which is supposed to bring good luck to the business; or hanging a picture of a merchant ship loaded with coins and gold to help the business prosper in international markets.

Whether or not you believe in feng shui, by following the tips listed above, you will improve your office environment. By improving your employees' work environment, their happiness and energy levels should be enhanced, hopefully resulting in boosted company profits.

Autor: Lucy Penn

Lucy Penn is an online marketer and researcher who is currently researching Office Furniture at http://www.klcontracts.co.uk/furniture

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Easy Way to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

There are different ways to customize your bedroom, and this normally spells out the most exciting part of home decorating. Feng shui is an ancient and traditional Chinese method of furniture placement - they believe that the arrangement of your bedroom furniture is important because doing so in the right way will increase luck, as well as the flow of energy into the room.

Contrary to popular belief, getting your bedroom done feng-shui-style doesn't have to be tricky. If you know the basics of feng shui, decorating your bedroom should be a piece of cake, even though you may have larger items in it such as cedar chests, bedroom dressers, and baby cribs.

Allow this to be a guide for designing or decorating your room the feng shui way.

You should avoid having a TV, computer, or exercise materials in your bedroom.

This is obviously harder for someone who owns a laptop or prefers to work in the bedroom, but in feng shui beliefs, having these inside your own bedroom is not good for you because it takes away the positive energy that should be flowing into it.

Be conscious of the levels of lighting.

Let the lighting in your room vary. Lighting is one of the most important elements of feng-shui, as it is believed to be the strongest bearer of energy. To ensure that this is operating well, install a dimmer switch that can adjust the lighting levels in your room, or have a couple or so candles ready should you decide to dim the lighting.

As much as possible, keep your windows open.

It is important that fresh air circulates in your bedroom on a regular basis, so try to keep your windows open as often as possible while you are in the bedroom. Optionally, you can install an air purifier in the room to make sure that the air you are breathing in is clean and fresh. Another important thing to remember is that plants are generally not recommended in the bedroom for feng-shui - unless you have a larger-than-life bedroom that can accommodate it.

Avoid bright, neon colors for your walls.

In feng shui, the best colors are the neutral/nude/human hues, which can range from pale beige to rich chocolate brown. These do not only promote healthy and deep sleep, but they are also said to encourage sexual healing.

Follow basic bed rules.

In a nutshell, these are some of the key principles in bed placement for feng-shui purposes: make sure your bed can be accessed from both sides, place a bedside table on each side of the bed, and by all means, do not let your bed be aligned with the door of your bedroom!

Autor: Erik Schimek

To see beautiful photos of the furniture mentioned in this article, please see Erik Schimek's bedroom furniture website. This website features bed frames, armoires, cedar chests, bedroom dressers, nightstands and organic mattresses.

Erik Organic is an independently owned family business whose goal is to assist our customers in creating a safe and healthy home. Our organic furniture is created with safe organic fabrics, natural batting, solid wood construction and low VOC wood finishes.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feng Shui Colors For Prosperity and Success

Feng Shui practice enables us to tap into the invisible energy or cosmic chi around us to create balance and harmony with the environment. We are aware that energy waves are all around us and we only have to be on the right wavelength to receive it like the mobile phone, radio or TV. We can harness the invisible energy flow to attract better opportunities and improve our chances for success. One of the easiest and effective ways to energize your auspicious direction is by applying the right Feng Shui colors into your living or work area without spending thousands of dollars.

Obviously colors have a great impact on our mood, thoughts and behavior in our everyday life. Have you ever felt that your office space is dull and boring? Implementing Feng Shui color concepts by changing your wall paint or wallpaper or even displaying an object in your lucky color will revitalize your creativity mood.

You have more choices when planning your interior decor at home with the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. Try spicing up your love life with red color in the bedroom. Of course, do not overuse the color red as it could stir up a bullfight! A healthy green plant in the living room will be an excellent energizer for prosperity luck.

Your auspicious colors can also be utilized in your dressing whether to be successful in job interviews or business ventures, attract the man in your life or improve a personal relationship and even to enjoy better health.

It is an accepted fact that Feng Shui secrets offer the promise of great prosperity and happiness when incorporated into your living space correctly and amazing opportunities will come your way. Understanding more of Feng Shui colors will enable you to apply them in your own living or work space.

Autor: C. Loo C. Loo
Level: Basic
Cath Loo has been a netrepreneur for the past few years and is an enthusiast of implementing feng shui colors to enhance feng shui living. ... ...

For more tips, ideas and info on fengshui colors, please visit website Feng Shui Colors

Find out more ways to implement feng shui colors for prosperity and harmony at FengShui Colors

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Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui

Sound usually summons and enhance chi. Bells, bead curtains, musical instruments, gongs and wind chimes. Any of these sound making objects can be used to enhance the flow of the energy in any space, and wind chimes are generally used because they bring beauty and harmonious sounds into their space. Their sound is relaxing and can help you get rid of stress after a long day. But even though they have been used for this purpose for ages, they are also a highly effective Feng Shui device. Some people call them magical bells because of the soothing sound they produce and the effect a correctly placed chime in a proper position can have on reducing negative energy and turning it into positive. You can use them to energize the chi in certain areas or calm it down if need be. A dark corner, a big window, these are some of the places you can use chimes or sound makers.

Metal wind chimes are ideal to energize chi because of their penetrating sound. You can use them in areas ruled by the metal or water elements. You can use wooden ones in those areas of your home ruled by the wood or fire element, and ceramic chimes can slow down chi and disperse it at a slower pace, like at the end of a long hallway, or in front of a large window.

Placing wind chimes outdoors is always satisfying, since the musical sound they make will always attract good chi. I like to use them by my front door, or in front of my windows. Wooden wind chimes placed under the stars concentrate the energy of the fire element, and wood feeds fire, so they can help bring prosperity and wealth to your home. In ancient Chinese tradition it was believed by traders and sea men that a wooden wind chime, hanging under a starlit sky and attached to a model of a Chinese ship would bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to the owner.

Sound is a popular and powerful Feng Shui cure. Wind chimes and every instrument such as pianos, guitars etc, are effective cures for many issues, but they are also pleasing to your senses. When you use them correctly, you can help break up stagnant chi, energize beneficial chi and improve many areas of your life.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feng Shui in the Home - Furniture For Free Flowing Energy

Arranging or rearranging your home's furniture is probably the easiest way to implement feng shui in the home. Furniture in your home says so much about the home owner's personality. We often see something we like and decorate our house with it, not considering how it will react "energy-wise" with the space it is in and the surrounding items. You may decorate your room with your favorite color not realizing that too much of one color can create an imbalance of harmony that can affect areas of your life. When looking to optimize feng shui in the home, furniture placement, arrangement and color are very important aspects to consider.

Furniture is also considered an "inhabitant" of your home. This is because it takes up space and energy in your home as much as you do or as much as your plants and pets do. You should look at and consider how all the "inhabitants" of your home interact with each other. Is balance maintained? Is there conflict? Is everything in harmony? These are the kinds of questions that you would want to have answers to when looking to rearrange or redecorate your home.

Once you decide to apply feng shui in the home, furniture should be one of the first things to consider in terms of how the item represents a Feng Shui element. Usually, the color is the first thing that people look at. Shape comes second, material comes last. Most objects or furnishings are easy to "read"-it will represent two or more elements (i.e. from the 5 element theory), and you can take this as the first step to understanding the Feng Shui element expressions of the various items in your home.

When considering feng shui in the home, furniture can also dictate and give you understanding of how chi enters and flows throughout your environment. With them you can see the relationship between what you have materially and what effect it has on your life. Using Feng Shui in furniture gives you a sense of the kind of energy objects emit, how they speak to you and how they affect your general well being.

Here are a few tips on how to properly arrange your furniture so that they follow Feng Shui theory:

Move tall pieces of furniture away from your line of vision. Tall, big objects that loom over you give you a feeling of anxiety, and reduce your sense of well being.

Avoid huge pieces of furniture that can just translate to clutter. Clutter not only messes up the flow of chi in your home, but indicates stagnant energy as well. Avoid clutter in every aspect of your life, as it gives nothing but bad energy.

When implementing feng shui in the home, furniture can be used to camouflage offending or hard-to-remedy problems. Bedrooms are prone to a lot of sharp, jutting corners that symbolize "poison arrows". Poison arrows bring health and marital or relationship problems.

Remember that less is always more, when placing furniture in a room. Too much furniture not only makes the room feel cramped, but restricts the flow of energy as well.

Furniture size and positioning should also be made proportional to the size of the room or home.

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The Number One Cure in Feng Shui

My previous article gave you the bagua and what each section represents and the color and element associated with each. After looking at the properties of the nine areas of the bagua and comparing it to your house you may be concerned that things don't match up. Not to worry! That is what "cures" are for. Whatever the issue, there is a cure. We are going to deal with the Number One Cure in this article.

I want to give you what I feel is a fundamental tenet of Feng Shui: CLUTTER IMPEDES ENERGY. You want the Life Force Energy or Chi to flow through and vitalize every area of your home, thereby vitalizing the different aspects of your life. That is the goal of practicing Feng Shui. Clutter stops that flow. Everything has a place where it belongs. Think about how you feel when your desk is piled with mail and papers or there piles of clothes on your bedroom floor. Clutter is distracting and stressful because, energetically, it is unfinished business demanding your attention. The first place to start if you want to amp up the energy in your home is addressing the issue of clutter. This, in my opinion, is the first cure and you don't have to know another thing about Feng Shui for this to benefit you. Here are some tips.

Take a look at what you have in your home. Do you like it? You want to have things in your home that have good feelings associated with them because that raises your energy. IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT GIVE IT AWAY! If you have stuff sitting around that you never pay attention to, don't use and don't touch, it is stagnant and falls under the category of clutter. Someone else will love it. This includes things you've received as gifts. This frees up space for Chi to move and for what you do want to come in. When you give things away with good intention you open the door to receive good things. That is Universal Law.

I know that sometimes clutter can look insurmountable so take it slow. It didn't happen over night. Take your time and set reasonable goals to clear it. Go through the pile of magazines and catalogs and ask yourself if you are really going to read them or purchase something from them. Keep the ones that you truly will use and then recycle the catalogs and donate the magazines to your local library. You don't have to go through them all at once be gentle with yourself. Once you start you just may find it energizing because you will begin to feel the movement of energy.

Mail can be another clutter item. Open your mail when you receive it. Throw away the junk. Keep the bills and their return envelopes and any thing else that is important, throw away the envelopes that they came in and put them away. This way you have looked at them and handled them once until its time to do something with them.

After you have worn your clothes either hang them up or put them in a hamper to be washed. Don't allow yourself to toss them on a chair in your bedroom thinking you'll deal with them later. Take care of them when you are finished wearing them. This goes back to the rule of handling them once - economy of effort. It also shows respect and appreciation for what you have and for yourself and teaches your children that lesson.

Go through your closet and give away anything you didn't wear last season because you probably never will. I try to give clothes and other things away every time the Veteran's have a pick up day. I remind myself that it's been hanging in my closet but someone really can use it and will appreciate it. Giving makes space for something new. If you would love some new clothes but your closet is jam packed then there isn't room for anything new. So grab a trash bag to fill with items to donate, make some space for you and bless someone else. It's a win/win proposition and it will make you feel good.


Watch for the next article coming soon: Using Color, Elements and Shapes as Cures.

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