Feng shui (traditional Chinese: 風水; simplified Chinese: 风水; pinyin: fēng shuǐ; pronounced /ˈfəŋˌʃueɪ/ foong-shoy in Chinese Mandarin, "fheng-schway" in American English) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi. The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (traditional Chinese: 堪輿; simplified Chinese: 堪舆; pinyin: kānyú; literally: Tao of heaven and earth).

The words feng shui literally translate as "wind-water" in English. This is a cultural shorthand taken from the following passage of the Zhangshu (Book of Burial) by Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty:

Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.

Traditional Feng Shui practice always requires an extremely accurate Chinese compass, or Luo Pan, in order to determine the directions in finding any auspicious sector in a desired location.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feng Shui For Beginners - What is Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient philosophy, it's origins well over six thousand years old. There are two very distinctive schools or doctrines that developed independently of each other. These are the Form School and the Compass School. Over time, however, the differences between these two schools has become less obvious.

Form School put most of it's emphasis on the physical aspects of the planet, like particular landscapes and is considered to be more intuitive and not very easy to interprid and practice.

On the other hand the Compass School is a lot harder to learn, but once you have the basic understanding under your belt, it is much easier to implement as it is based more on precise formulas and less on intuition, which sometimes is difficult for people to feel confident with in the beginning.

In addition to these two schools of Feng Shui, there are also other factors that you will need to take into consideration such as the date of your birth. Time plays a major factor in anyone's future and fortunes. The Chinese have a particular numerology that is an integral factor in Feng shui that identifies different areas of your home as being either lucky for you or unlucky for you depending your date of birth.

In addition to knowing what your own particular number is, your date of birth also offers insights into your personal element. This has a dramatic effect on how you influence your environment and how it can influence you. Understanding the productive and destructive cycles of elements will help you to enhance your environment further.

Autor: Ostara Smith Ostara Smith
Level: Basic
For more insights, including calculations and charts and all the information you need to start enhancing your home, your life and your finances, visit our ... ...

For more insights, including calculations and charts and all the information you need to start enhancing your home, your life and your finances, visit our Information Site and receive our Feng Shui Guide for Beginners totally Free at the bottom of the page. Our Feng Shui Guide includes all the information you need to get started as well as access to more advanced techniques that you will need to enhance your home, improve your finances and perhaps find the great love of your life.

Ostara Smith has lived with feng shui her whole life, she has had the privilege of living on four continents and has been married to her best friend and greatest love for over six years. To receive a copy of her free Feng Shui Beginners Guide and to discover the wonders of having the earth work for you and not against you to achieve wealth, success, happiness and health, visit http://www.Squidoo.com/Feng-shui-for-beginners

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can Your Office Be Feng Shui?

The goal of feng-shui is to harmonize the flow of life energy. Based on principles of astrology, early Chinese cultures tried to find correlations between humans and the universe. The art of feng shui are based on the principle theories of Qi (Ch'i) and polarity.

Ch's essentially is a life force that moves among earth and that can be positive and negative. Sometimes it is referred to as an internal physical energy, as it is in the martial arts. The theory of chi is that the universe has an effect on every minute part of earth. It is hard to disregard this theory altogether, as it is proven that space weather can have a dramatic effect on technology and creatures on earth.

Polarity refers to the Yin and Yang theory. Just like in a magnetic field, you have a positive magnet and a negative magnet that cause them to attract to each other. Similarly, Yin and Yang is made of two parts; one part receives exertion while the other part creates exertion. As you may know, Chinese medicine is an attempt to balance Yin and Yang in your body. However, feng shui is trying to align a city, building, or object with the yin-yang force fields.

The truth, modern feng shui has mostly been lost in translation in the western world. It is a highly complicated and ancient school of thought. Feng shui is also something that westerners have attempted to capitalize on over the years. However, the basic principles of balance, order, and peace can only bring positive energy into your life.

One thing many of us work so hard for is prosperity. While for some that may mean money and others it may mean good health for oneself and family. As a matter of fact, just having a place to sleep and food to eat may be considered prosperous for some.

So no matter what prosperity means to you and even if you do not care about feng shui, we can all benefit from organization and efficiency - if only for our mental well-being! Some computer furniture companies try to profit off of the idea of feng shui, and I would be very wary of those claims. Basically, they are just trying to say that their product will help you be more organized at work! My favorite piece of furniture is the corner computer desk, so I would be curious to know how this would affect my chi.

Autor: Michelle Louis

learn more about compuer desks and compuer furniture

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Useful Feng Shui Tips to Bring Love and Warmth Back in Your Home

Many husband-wives spend all their time fighting each other. This not only affects their marriage life but also have a bad effect on their children. In this article you will learn how Feng Shui helps in bringing warmth and love back in your home.

Examine your bedroom. Is it full of color or does the room give you a feeling of warmth and comfort? Are the walls painted red or bright yellow? Write down all the observations of your bedroom.

1. The walls should be painted a nice, soft, romantic color. Green and blues are good for the bedroom.
2. Replace the bed sheets with new soft linen. Pink and green are great colors to open your hearts for better communication.
3. Place your bed against a wall, farthest from the door.
4. You and your spouse should have a good view of the door.
5. Have a minimum of two pillows on the bed. Pillows should always be in multiples of two.
6. Locate the southwest corner in the bedroom. Decorate it to symbolize growth and harmony in your relationship, such as photo of you and your spouse.
7. Go to all the southwest corners in the home and see what all lie in corners. Are they vacant or filled with clutter? Clean out all the southwest corners and place a vibrant plant or objects in pairs.
8. Organize and clean the front entrance. Have a meandering path to the other areas of the home. If the hallway is filled with chaos and unfinished projects, it will most likely spark friction.
9. Organize and clutter free the entire home. Invest in a house that's cleaner, if time is an issue.
10. Play soft music or nature sounds. Have a CD player that can continually repeat the music while you are not at home. The sounds will permeate through the house and give you a welcome as you enter.

If the home is relaxing and comforting, there will be fewer fights and more discussions of your problems.

Autor: Nick Mutt Nick Mutt
Level: Platinum
Nick Mutt is founder and CEO of Elite Informatics, an Internet Advertising Company. He is an active writer and blogger on health related topics. He ... ...

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Feng Shui to Choose the Best House For You

Feng Shui philosophy contends: if the home is in harmonious surroundings and arranged in an harmonious manner, the inhabitants of that home will reflect that harmony and live more harmonious lives. Though showing up in the U.S. mainstream only twenty years ago, feng shui (f�ng sch'way), the Chinese art and science of how to site, construct, and design a home, traces its beginnings back at least 3,000, and some say, as much as 5,000 years ago.

In olden times feng shui knowledge provided such common sense guidelines as: don't build your grass roof shack on a windy mountain top or too close to a river that may overflow its banks. It was also considered poor feng shui to position your stove opposite the front door, as a gust of wind coming in will flicker the flame and your rice won't cook properly. From these basics evolved profound principles of how to create a harmonious living environment. Principles that apply to any home built in any era or anywhere on planet earth.

Feng Shui Solutions
As no one can expect to get a home with 100% good feng shui, don't get too neurotic if you have or find a home with a bunch of feng shui problems. Feng shui is not just about identifying problems, but also about suggesting solutions. Though occasionally a remodeling is needed, most problems can be removed, blocked, or deflected by using interior design arrangements in accordance with feng shui principles.

Apply as many feng shui solutions as possible. If you have enough good Forms to give you 70-75% good feng shui, you are already doing quite well. Then, if you either apply the power of symbolism according to the 3-Door Bagua, especially with the added power of prayer (mantra, mudra, visualization), or if you adjust your world according to such Compass School techniques of Eight Mansion and Flying Star Feng Shui, you should be really doing good.

Whether you are a Black Sect or other non-compass style practitioner, or a Compass School devotee, don't sweat the small stuff, just make sure you avoid some of the following issues. But remember, these are guidelines and some similar real world situation may "feel" different and be considered fortunate on second consideration.

House Site - Location, Location, Location
Regardless of how expensive a home might be, location can be fortunate or unfortunate. If fortunate, we move up in life; if unfortunate, it's all downhill. So whichever side of town you live, choose wisely. Things to avoid might be living across from a cemetery, with a steep cliff towering above, too close to a noisy roadway, a corner lot that gets lots of traffic turning toward it, at a t-juncture with cars coming directly to it, on the outside bend of a road, or with a generator substation, microwave cell phone tower, nuclear power plant, or toxic dump relatively close.

Even using hedges to block or bagua mirrors to bounce negative energy away, these are difficult situations to resolve satisfactorily. In choosing my current residence a turned down a better deal located on Bunker Street for one located on Lakeridge Court, reasoning that I didn't want to get stuck or hide out in a bunker. I've been in my house 6 years, the house on Bunker has had three different owners.

Bedroom - The Most Important Room to Consider
Sleep needs to be restful to be rejuvenating, and is the first room I consider, reasoning that if I'm not able to get a good night's sleep, how can I expect to handle the unexpected stresses of work, family, and the rest of life's sudden challenges. As the bed should be the first thing to bring in, Stand at the bedroom door, and imagine where your bed will be positioned.

Avoid the following situations: placing the headboard of your bed with a refrigerator, toilet, or a strong source of electromagnetic radiation (such as a breaker box) on the other side of the headboard. Avoid windows behind the bed, as a window "could" break, or under a beam or drop ceiling which "could" fall as both of these will make you feel vulnerable. Don't rationalize that it wouldn't break, because the unconscious rarely listens to logic. In an argument with "what if," what if always wins.

Next consider the relationship of the bed to windows and doors. Avoid a home that puts your bed in direct line of the entrance into the bedroom. Thresholds are highly symbolic to the unconscious - people and possibly 'things' from other dimensions can come through these portals. Even my great grand mother who came from eastern Europe was recorded as having said, "never sleep with your feet toward the bedroom door, because that's the way they carry you out."

An entrance on either side of the bed in direct line of the torso is just as detrimental, as the person sleeping on the side of the bed sleeps metaphorically with one eye open all night in the event someone or something might come through the door. With any of these above situations, the adrenal glands' 'fight or flight' mechanism is activated throughout the night continually undermining the immune system by rerouting the blood flow to the arms and legs in anticipation of taking emergency action.

Bathroom in the Back Left Corner of the Floor plan
Regardless of which system of feng shui you are utilizing, a bathroom in the far left corner of the floor plan is tough on money. I haven't met anyone with this configuration that has confirmed that their money was going down the toilet.

Their are many other configurations from front door in direct view of a back door or window, to most cases of stairs coming down to the front door that reflect money problems, and almost all are resolvable with proper placement of furniture and decorations. But a bathroom in the far left corner is unlikely to be moved, and though worth trying, is challenging to block or deflect.

For the Sake of the Children
It is amazing and dismaying, how often parents neglect considering the conditions of their child(ren)'s room, treating their kid or kid's like second class citizens who should be happy to get whatever they can get. All that I listed above should apply equally to all members of the household.

More than once I have come to evaluate the feng shui of a home and found a refrigerator, an air condition unit, or pool pumpon the other side of the wall the kid's headboard is on. Or a door in direct line of the kid's bed with the parents wonder why the kid has frequent allergy or flu like symptoms. Be sure to give your children the best feng shui possible.

Feng Shui Creates Harmonious Homes in Many Ways
There are many fine books that teach the principles and concepts of the various approaches of feng shui. However, my book, Choose the Best House for You, The Feng Shui Checklist, is the textbook for all the problems and solutions that have to do with oldest system of feng shui related to siting, construction, and room configuration. And the Checklist format makes it easy for the beginner to use as you just have to go down the list of likely problems, decide on which one applies to you, turn to the page to read the illustrated description, and then apply one of the recommended solutions. With my book in hand, you will have no problem choosing the best house for you.

Autor: Elliot Jay Tanzer

Elliot Jay Tanzer has provided astrological services since 1973, and has been a featured speaker at many astrology, feng shui conferences, whole life expos, and metaphysical societies.

Elliot's new easy to use instruction book, 'Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps: Finding the Best Places to Live & Travel - Your Step-by-Step Guide', will show you how to prep an Astro*Carto*Graphy Map, explain the planetary lines, and then show you how to transfer the result onto a world atlas. By following Elliot's directions you can clearly see all the cities, towns, and areas that will be the best places for you to live or travel. This book is not yet available in bookstores and can be obtained directly from Elliot at the contact numbers below.

Elliot's other popular book, Choose the Best House for You: The Feng Shui Checklist, is on the subject of the Chinese art and science of feng shui. The Checklist format makes it a text book of feng shui problems and their solutions valued by feng shui students, while easy for anyone to use who just wants to know what applies to their home. Go down the checklist, find the problem, and then turn to the page provided to discover what to do.

For those of you who do not already have a personal astrologer with whom you consult with on a regular basis, Elliot is available for Natal Chart Readings, Relationship Studies, Future Forecasts (Transits and Progressions), and Astro*Carto*Graphy Map analysis for determining where the best places in the world are for you to live.

Whether in-person, by telephone or via Skype all Readings are recorded. Call Elliot at: 310-281-6798.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can Feng Shui Help You End Your Insomnia So You Can Get a Good Night's Sleep Every Night?

Can Feng Shui help you end your insomnia so you can get a good night's sleep every night ? Here are some useful tips how to re-arrange furniture in your bedroom. The Japanese system of Feng Shui involves the correct positioning of furniture and other objects in your home. It is believed this will help you achieve better balance in you life.

Feng Shui is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are convinced it helps them to relax. Many feel that it enables them to cure insomnia, solve sleep problems and sleep better at night.

There is no question that a good night's sleep is very good for you, both from a physical and mental point of view. If you are able to fall asleep as soon as you go to bed and enjoy, peaceful restful sleep right through the night, you wake up in the morning refreshed and invigorated. Your mind is also more alert.

If you have problems sleeping perhaps it may be worth your while trying the Feng Shui methods. Here are some Feng Shui tips you may find helpful. You may find they help you to cure your insomnia.

1. Try your best not to have you bed placed in such a way that you head faces the door. The Feng Shui reason for this because you shouldn't sleep with your feet in front of the entrance to your bedroom.

2. Another Feng Shui tip concerns advice about sleeping under a window.

According to Feng Shui it's not a good idea to sleep under a window because it makes you lose positive energy. If you bedroom is so designed that you have no alternative and have to sleep under a window, make sure that you hang a heavy curtain in front of the window.

3. Feng Shui suggest you have no pictures in your room that illustrate water. The reason for this is because it is believed pictures of water can actually cause insomnia. It can also bring bad luck.

4. Feng Shui also recommends that should make sure that there are no objects with sharp edges in your bedroom.

If there are objects with sharp edges try and cover these sharp edges with a cloth to offset the harmful effect. A good idea is to place a large pot plant in front of the sharp object.

If you suffer from insomnia, why not experiment and try these Feng Shui methods for a few nights? They are very simple and do not require a great deal of effort. You may find that they work very well. Of course, it is very important to have the right frame of mind when you start using Feng Shui methods. If you are skeptical and feel there is no way simple techniques like these could possibly help you, then Feng Shui is unlikely to work.

If, on the other hand, you approach the situation with an open mind - or even better - if you feel quite strongly that these Feng Shui methods are going to work, then it is highly likely that will have a very positive effect on your insomnia.

Try these simple methods for a while and see what happens.

If however, you find that these Feng Shui methods appear to have no effect whatsoever in helping you cure your insomnia and don't solve your sleep problems, then you'll have to use stronger, more effective methods. There are two methods you can use. Both have been found to be very effective indeed.

The first method is to use sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor. There is no doubt that sleeping pills are very effective indeed. They are also quick-acting. But the difficulty with sleeping pills is that they can become habit forming.

Once you start using sleeping pills you may find you are unable to do without them. You become completely dependent on them. Another huge problem with sleeping pills is that all sleeping pills have side-effects. Some side effects can be quite serious. The second way is to use a popular Sleep Management System called "Effective Sleep Solutions."

No medication of any kind is necessary. Reports from people who have made use of this way to cure insomnia are very encouraging. Visit the following site to find out more about this unusual, but highly effective sleep management system:


by Dennis Fisher

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tips For a Feng Office

Even people who don't subscribe to the principles of feng shui appreciate the idea of a feng office. Whether you work at home or someplace else, you need a workspace that hits the correct combination of yin and yang -- of active energy that'll keep you going and peaceful energy that mitigates stress. As with all feng shui, creating a feng office is about this balance.

Given that, let's consider the different things you can do to improve the chi (energy) of your workspace surroundings.

General feng office tips

There are some things you can do to achieve a great balance in any feng office, regardless of location. These include:

  • Putting candles on your desk to symbolize serenity. Always light the wick, even if you only do it once -- unlit candles symbolize wasted potential
  • Avoid putting a shelf directly over your desk: it symbolizes the weight of your pressures crushing in on you
  • Follow the basic feng shui principle of organization: try to keep your workspace as neat and clutter-free as possible. If your desk is untidy, your stress level will go up as soon as you look at it!
  • Surround yourself with at least one item that makes you feel calm and peaceful (family photos, perhaps) and one that makes you feel energized (a particularly scented candle or a motivational plaque, for example).
  • Pay attention to color! If you're surrounded with beige and neutrals, your office is overwhelmingly yin, not conducive to getting work done. If you can't change the color of your office, put up decorations in colors you like. If you're in a cubicle, you could even drape the walls with inexpensive colored fabric.

These basic tips will crate a feng office in any situation.

The home office

A home office is slightly different from any other workspace. The most important thing for a home office is to separate your workspace from your living space. That accomplishes two things: it limits your distractions (for example, can you see the television from your desk?) and it keeps your work from intruding on your personal life.

Obviously, the best place to put your home office is in the work and career sector of the ba gua. However, there are less obvious options you might exercise for specific occupations. For example, if you're a screenwriter trying to get published, it might be as or more valuable to put your workspace in the fame sector of your home. If you're an artist, the creativity area might be ideal. Use your judgement and go with what feels right.

The one place that you should never try to construct a feng office is your bedroom. Work and sleep are mutually incompatible. If there's absolutely no way to avoid putting your desk in your bedroom, create a physical barrier (such as a folding screen) so you can block it off when not in use.

Whether you work at home or elsewhere, you'll benefit from the balance of a feng office.

Autor: Lisa Chang

Lisa Chang is a feng shui consultant, spiritual trainer, and author of the popular book "Feng Shui Secrets for a Fulfilled Life." Visit her website to discover the secrets of feng shui: http://www.fengshuidecoratingonline.com

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feng Shui - How to Balance Your Life With Fortune Compass

For years the Chinese have practiced the techniques of Feng Shui. It does deserve to get a more detailed attention in order to make its effects felt.

It's not your usual teddy bear or cardboard structure intended to make your drawing room a bit more lively, rather it is the Orient's answer to finding peace in oneself. But how it happens, is a matter requiring a bit more concentration and patience on the practitioner's part.

Feng Shui, as you might have infrequently heard that it has to do something with the channeling of your energy or chi. Every body has differing levels of chi, the value fluctuating with not only with his thoughts but also the environment in which he is located.

And this is where feng shui steps in to make a positive difference. But before we go in to that, a word or two must be said about chi and how it guides our day-to-day actions.

Chi is a concept that can turn your entire existence inside out. Until a point of time in history man relied on destiny to guide the outcome of his labors but with the advent of the chi ideology, this typically western mode of thinking was revolutionized overnight.

People started waking up to the fact that the orientalists are aware of a source of divine energy, a force that pervades through all things natural and artificial and one which binds entire mankind in its every step.

Once a man realizes that by altering or directing his chi he can get several impossible tasks managed quite easily, he started looking for means to enhance or bottle up this energy for later use.

Harnessing your chi is one the basic principles of Feng Shui, and like any other discipline of life, you need to get your basics right before you start stretching the limits.

Be thorough about the purpose of Feng Shui, why you'd like to invest time and energy in exercising it and what the necessary precautions you should take before plunging into it head on.

Isolate a part of your waking hours in unwinding yourself and relaxing your mind and body in the most comfortable place you can recourse to.

Finding this place, which you can visit on a daily basis, to invigorate yourself with a fountain of fresh and positive energy, is extremely essential for Feng Shui.

While you relax, you shouldn't read a book or watch tv or play a game, because this phase of harnessing your chi requires a complete shut down of your senses.

Autor: Cynthia Parker

Once you're feeling happy after having subtracted yourself from the hustle and bustle of life for a few minutes, you can easily carry this positive spirit around wherever you go.
Soon enough you'll perceive a marked difference in your personal and professional life.
For more information please visit Fortune Compass website at http://www.fortunecompass.com

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Asian Decor - Creating a Sanctuary in Your Home

At one point or another you will begin to look for different ways to decorate your home. Whether it be for a more modern look, classic look, or simply to add a little more color into your life. There are always options for you to choose from when it comes to decorating your home.

During this stressful day and time, many people are beginning to seek out ways to simplify their home. Offering a sanctuary for them to meld into and relax once they hit the front door. However, sometimes finding the right means of decorating for relaxation can be difficult. For this reason you should look into Asian decor.

Asian decor has become extremely popular with our relaxation hungry world. Offering peaceful fluid lines and rich colors to sooth our minds. As you might already know, for centuries Asian cultures have taken pride in simple living. Often times surrounding themselves and their homes with simple but elegant colors, designs, furniture, and decor.

As any interior decorator will tell you, Asian decor is meant to bring peace to your life. Offering a balance and serenity into your home. Often times considered to be "Feng Shui". Unlike some decor, the quality and craftsmanship of Asian decor is astounding. However, you might be confused on how exactly to start in decorating your home with Asian flair. In this series of articles we will cover some helpful tips and tricks. All of which have been compiled to help you ease through your decorating transition from "mundane" to "Asian decor" in no-time-flat.

Remember that while you are looking for different elements of Asian decor, you should always keep your budget and the quality of item in mind. While it might seem that Asian decor might be out of your price range. There are several ways to get a unique Asian design for your home, without breaking the bank. Whether it be Asian-inspired decor or authentic Asian pieces available either at specialty shops or online, there is something to fit everyone's budget! Websites such as this one will offer countless items for you to decorate your home with, all without the worry of having to shop store-to-store to get the perfect look.

Take the time in getting to know the different elements that will help you to bring your Asian decor up to your standards. In this series you will learn all of the do's and don'ts of Asian decor. Allowing you to make your perfect Asian inspired sanctuary!

Autor: Sarah Freeland Sarah Freeland
Level: Platinum
I manage a series of informational websites ranging in topics. I enjoy doing research and writing for these sites. I love learning more about all ... ...

The three popular types of yoga you may have heard of are hatha yoga, power yoga and bikram yoga. Hatha yoga is the style of yoga most practiced today. It is what you will think of when you think of yoga in general. Power yoga is a more aerobic-style yoga, with an emphasis on cardio. Bikram yoga is a style of yoga performed in a heated room to accelerate detoxification. Universal Yoga sells everything you need to practice these and other forms of yoga, pilates and meditation including Asian home decor, yoga mats, workout clothing, meditation cushions, uplifting apparel and yoga DVDs.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise

Tortoises and dragons have been known to be the two immensely powerful symbolic items of Feng Shui. The dragon alone has several symbolic meanings and it stands for wealth, positive energy, fertility and immortality, to mention a few. The dragon is believed to have a positive influence on humans according to the Chinese mythology.

The tortoise also has potential symbolic meaning and it represents permanence, of committed efforts and of premeditated actions that would lead to inevitable success. The unification of these two powerful symbols- the Dragon and the Tortoise results in the formation of one Feng Shui item that possesses the power of both these animals and brings in longevity and success.

The symbol of Dragon Tortoise is portrayed with the dragon's head and the tortoise's body. A tiny turtle is usually found on the tortoise's shell at the back, and the Feng Shui item stands on precious metal ingots and coins piled up together. A coin can often be found inside the mouth of the dragon.

The Dragon tortoise happens to be one of the four ancient propitious animals - dragon, tiger, phoenix and dragon tortoise. This Feng Shui Product is believed to have tremendous potential because of combined effects derived from its unique figure; which is the combination of a dragon and a tortoise. Dragon tortoises can bring in Gui Ren to your life, which means people who help. Gui Ren can be either your boss or colleagues, customers or anyone who can do good to you. Apart from that, this Feng Shui cure can also help in avoiding disasters and converting negative energy into valuable positive energy. But the major potential of the Dragon Tortoise lies in its ability to attract wealth.

The Dragon Tortoise which is the combination of two celestial animals of the four used in Feng Shui practice is an amazing combination that produces a well harmonized unification of enhancing qualities of both the dragon and the tortoise. This is one such traditional symbol that was used in ancient palaces to indicate peace, the emperor's long life and prosperity, and the country's steady rule. Today, this Feng Shui's item is used in homes as a symbol of peace and harmony, long life, status and prosperity.

Dragon headed tortoise is commonly known as the 'Lou Shu' and it is used in homes for protection, good fortune, success, prosperity and development.

Feng Shui items are to be placed in ideal positions to have its real benefits. A Dragon tortoise is to be placed in such locations where you need certain beneficial influences. Feng Shui is believed to have tremendous properties and there are several Feng Shui cures and Feng Shui enhancers to be availed in kits from Feng Shui Stores and shops. These kits contain almost all the Feng Shui remedies to help you gain maximum benefits.

Autor: Sylvia Blach

http://www.buy-fengshui.com is an online Feng Shui Store with over 2000 Feng Shui products. We carry a wide variety of Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feng Shui Money Frog - The Wealth Enhancer

The Feng Shui money frog better known as "Chan Chu" in Chinese is a three legged toad and is one of the most auspicious money-making symbols in Feng Shui. This is a mythical creature which is said to emerge near all those homes that will be receiving good news pertaining to monetary gain and increased wealth on every full moon. The basic purpose of the money frog is to attract abundance and wealth and can be often found near the cash registers, on the manager's desk, receptions and offices in most of the Oriental countries.

The money frog has been named such because of its physical type as it bears the pakua (the baby) on the back just below the crown. The symbolic meaning of the frog is wealth and that of the pakua is protection, and as such, this mythical creature - the king money frog represents the unison of the best of both these aspects in the lives of people who have them in their homes. The money frog would not only bring in wealth to your home but would also protect it.

The Money Frog is usually shown sitting on a bed of treasures made up of gold ingots, jewels and coins and holding coin in the mouth. Money Frog is one such Feng Shui product that brings in luck and wealth for the family's patriarch. The Money Frog can always be found to be biting on two coin strings and having 7 dots on the back that depicts the Ursa Major; the 7 stars of the Great North Pole. This Feng Shui item is a must for people who would like to multiply their assets.

Apart from wealth attraction and protection, the money frog also helps in preventing bad luck that might led to monetary problems. If you have been facing financial problems for a considerable period of time or you have been spending a lot for no good cause, you can have one of these money frogs in your home to prevent it. As the money frog is believed to have unique symbolism and potency, it can help in resolving almost every monetary issue that we face in our day-to-day life.

The money frog, often referred to as the king money frog, must be placed in one's living room or the main business room, specifically at the diagonally opposite corner of the door of entrance. The corners are the most suited pace for the chi (ancient concepts of the Chinese that teaches the constant flow of energy symbolizing health, positivity and prosperity) to concentrate. That is why this Feng Shui cure is unique and has great value.

There are many more Feng Shui remedies and Feng Shui enhancers that can be used for various purposes - health, wealth, peace, love etc. You can find what you want at your nearest Feng Shui Store or you can also avail these Feng Shui products online. The choice is yours.

Autor: Sylvia Blach

http://www.buy-fengshui.com is an online Feng Shui Store with over 2000 Feng Shui products. We carry a wide variety of Feng Shui Money Frog.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feng Shui Fu Lu Shou

The Three Star Gods, Fuk, Luk, and Sau are very famous in Chinese culture. These three represents the gods of longevity, happiness, and rank. Although they are being referred to as god, they are not literally worshiped in the traditional way a religion will worship a God. The Three Star Gods, although they are not worshiped in a conventional sense, are highly regarded and are very much considered auspicious by the Chinese all over the globe. All Feng Shui stores selling Feng Shui products will have the Three Star Gods.

In the popular Chinese trinity of deities, Fuk represents prosperity, and is known as the wealth and happiness god. Luk represents authority and is known as the God of affluence and rank. On the other hand, Sau is the god of longevity and health. Feng Shui shops often represent the three together. The Three Star Gods are available as Feng Shui items and Feng Shui enhancers to attract prosperity, health, and wealth.

Being the Chinese deity of prosperity, happiness and wealth, Fuk is represented wearing a red robe and is a little taller than the other two Chinese deities. Fuk is placed on the right of Luk. Feng Shui remedies have it that ever twentieth day during the seventh lunar month, favors can be asked from Fuk and they will be soon granted. Fuk is known as one of the Feng Shui enhancers that will attract prosperity, happiness and wealth to come in the house or space where Fuk is placed.

On the other hand, Sau can be recognized by the bottle of nectar he is holding in his arms. Feng Shui stores say that he is carrying peach. But whatever item it is he is holding, that item symbolizes immortality. Being the Chinese deity of longevity and good health, Sau attracts good health. According to Feng Shui remedies, Sau prevents accidents and misfortune to those who reside in the space where Sau is placed.

Luk can be easily identified of the Chinese trinity of deities. He is at the center. If you go to Feng Shui shops, they will tell you that Luk is a symbol of a person's ability to reap and achieve high rewards and man's ability to improve oneself. Feng Shui remedies and Feng Shui enhancers suggest placing the three all together. Fuk, Luk and Sau when placed together at home, at your office cubicle, or place of business, the Three Star Gods can be very powerful in attracting prosperity, good health, and wealth.

To achieve the maximum attracting powers of the Three Star Gods, Feng Shui stores suggest that the Feng Shui items be placed in the living room or at the dining area. As Feng Shui enhancers, the three should also always be placed on a high table.

If you are a person who wants to have good health or who wishes to improve your health condition, acquire more wealth and be prosperous, or be happier, then Fuk Luk Sau will be excellent Feng Shui items for you.

Autor: Sylvia Blach

buy-fengshui.com is an online Feng Shui Shop with over 2000 Feng Shui cure. We carry a wide variety of Fuk Luk Sau products.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

How to Use Mandarin Ducks to Feng Shui Your Way to a Better Life

For centuries, Feng Shui has served as a guiding light to many, showing the way to success, health, and happiness. There are many aspects of this discipline that come into play in determining the state of a home, workplace, or place of business. Even in the manner people perceive love and relationships, Feng Shui items have provided answers. As they have been used and trusted for many years, so are these beliefs held today.

Among the most well-known Feng Shui products that symbolize love and relationships are the Mandarin Ducks, known in Chinese as Yuan-yuang. These magnificent and affectionate creatures have been featured in many Feng Shui enhancers because of how perfectly they represent togetherness, fidelity, and love. When observed in the natural habitat, the male and female Mandarin Duck are always close together, and very rarely will you see one that is all alone. Chinese legend has it that if either one is separated from its mate, the Mandarin Duck will be devastated. It will yearn for its partner, and die from loneliness. In the same way that the Mandarin Duck loves and values its mate, so should the man and woman become in their relationship.

In the realm of Feng Shui products, Mandarin Ducks are commonly used as Feng Shui cures for people who are single, searching for a partner, or are unlucky when it comes to love. Even for married couples, Mandarin Ducks are still popular Feng Shui enhancers to have around the home, as they strengthen the togetherness of the husband and wife, and also help them achieve marital bliss.

As one of the effective Feng Shui remedies for love, devotion, marriage luck, and fidelity, the Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks should be placed in the South West portion of the house, or the South West portion of the bedroom. It has been said that as traditional Feng Shui cures, the Mandarin Ducks allow its owner or anyone near it to emit a strong love chi. This can make you more lovable and more attractive to your potential partner. As for married couples, the strong love chi given by the Mandarin Ducks keeps them happy together, making them love each other more deeply.

Where can you purchase Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks to help you find good luck in love and good luck in marriage? There are many Feng Shui store owners that carry these romantically symbolic Mandarin Ducks, and they also come in rose quartz, jade, ceramics, and others. However, if there are no shops in your area, you can go online, too. Luckily, the internet has made it possible to avail of these wonderful Feng Shui products to serve as the guide to life. You can easily find a Feng Shui shop online, if you haven't found one in your neighborhood yet.

Help yourself find a long lasting relationship that you will cherish, and if you are married, allow you and your spouse to find true marital bliss with these Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks, the beautiful symbols of devotion, fidelity, love, and affection.

Autor: Sylvia Blach

http://www.buy-fengshui.com is an online Feng Shui Store with over 2000 Feng Shui products. We carry a wide variety of Mandarin Ducks products.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nine Buildings to Avoid For Homes and Offices

Thus far I have not found a perfect Feng Shui building, especially that I incorporate risk management criteria. A building that is 60% workable is the best I've encountered in all these years, and 70% would be ideal. The list below explains issues that cannot be easily remedied or physically changed.

There are certainly more things to consider but this list will get you started. I personally would not buy or rent anything on the list but if you have--don't start packing yet. Allow me to ask, "have you lived or worked there for over a year?" If yes, have you noticed a decline in morale, health, finances, or satisfaction? If no, you're doing something right and keep it up. If you are having problems, hire an experienced classic Feng Shui consultant. Choose not to be a victim of your circumstances or surroundings. There are solutions so you and those around you struggle less and enjoy more.

1. Structures where death exists (on or very near burial grounds, a building where murder or suicide has taken place)
a. Burial grounds - If you saw the movie Poltergeist, that's Hollywood's version of what can happen. Believe it or not, extreme cases such as this, although rare, have happened. I have worked with clients where harm (even death) has come to them. Examples of places on burial grounds: A golf course is challenged by weather for its premier event each year; a university has strange things happen.
b. Murder or suicide - I've been asked to work on some famous houses. Even before I accepted the projects, I explained to the buyers they needed to take the buildings down to the foundation (tear it down) and rebuild. They weren't willing to do that. I didn't accept the project. I heard from one of them later they found a practitioner who didn't require such extreme measures, but in the long run they had to move. Struck by tragedy, the easier way is rarely the best. In another case, eventually the (different) buyers tore it down and rebuilt.

2. Buildings close to a nuclear power plant, power substation, utility-pole transformer, high-tension wires, or airport radar.
We are only starting to realize the impact of EMF (electro-magnetic frequency). Those whose cell phones and blue-tooth devices are their primary source of communication should beware. Impacts to brain cells affect our nervous system. The immune system is compromised. Studies are underway, but I digress... Live or work at least:
a. Nuclear power plant - 50 miles away
b. Power substation - at least 150 yards away
c. Transformer - more than 25 yards
d. Airport or Doppler radar - Over a mile away

3. Structures on or near reclaimed wetlands or garbage-dump sites
Solid ground equals stability. In addition to risks to the foundation and settling after construction, noxious gases (like radon) are present and undermine health.

4. Buildings on a cliff edge, ravine or gulch
These houses symbolize 'living on the edge.' While that sounds attractive to some, and can be fun when it is your choice, a constant state of being 'on edge' eventually wears us down. If you live or work in one of these buildings, do you feel nervous? Do those around you seem erratic or emotional? Are you anxious about money or relationships eroding? If not, no worries. If you do, there are landscape remedies. I'm often asked, "are you going to tell us we have to move?" Of the hundreds of projects I've done, I can count on two hands the number of times clients were asked to move. In all cases, someone in the house had advanced cancer. In all cases, they followed my advice. In all cases, they went on to (and still) enjoy life.

5. Structures that have or are near extreme noise or obnoxious smells
This is called sha (negative) energy, and why I try to educate people that Feng Shui is more than decorating. If you haven't noticed by now, classic Feng Shui starts with the geography (surroundings). When we say it's about working with the environment, that means more than the room or house we're in. In this example, we are working with the senses. When we hear or smell--our bodies react. When it's too loud or too strong, it can affect our sleep, tranquility, work, and interactions with others. Think of flatulence in a restaurant. Yuk! Does anyone enjoy the sound or smell? Same kind of thing. Even though we can mask noise via headphones or covering it up, those are temporary solutions. We can deal with smells inside but depend on governmental agencies to intercede when they are outside. Regardless, extreme noise or obnoxious smells are not a healthy scenario.

6. Buildings that are extremely odd-shaped
Because each direction represents various family members, areas of the body, functions of life, and aspects of business, the ideal situation is for all to be equally represented. This includes the center so buildings that are U-shaped challenge occupants' overall balance and stability. In a home this can be seen as dysfunctional or chaotic. In a business it can cause planning to be incongruent or piece-mealed. Therefore, square or rectangular buildings are more desirable; but here again, Feng Shui remedies will help.

7. Structures with a river, ditch, or roadway behind it
The back of a home or office should represent its yin, or resting, area. That means little activity takes place. This provides stability because yang, or active, areas require more attention. The ultimate goals is a balance of both. The more activity that takes place, the more rest and replenishing is required. Water and traffic are yang activities. When in back, rest is disrupted or "washed away." This affects health and abundance. Think of how many apartment complexes basically sit on a parking lot. There's no balance. They usually attract undesirable activities and people.

8. Homes that have a bedroom over a garage
Vehicles coming and going, gas fumes, people working in the garage ... all these disrupt rest, sleep, and health. It's common practice in metropolitan cities to have tenant floors over an underground garage. Owners are wise to employ Feng Shui, as well as have a floor or two (between the garage and apartments above) be a common area, shops, or restaurant. If the owner hasn't done this, then occupants need to take matters in their own hands and seek out a Feng Shui professional. Bedrooms that are directly over the garage are best utilized for storage or functions that aren't performed often.

9. Structures with a bathroom in the SE or SW
In classic Feng Shui, the SW area of a building represents the head female, Mother Earth, and is the primary direction for relationships (love, marriage). Knowing what happens in the bathroom, the SW is undermined. Let's face it, if Momma isn't happy ... no one is happy. SW representing Mother Earth and as an environmental advocate, she needs all the lovin' she can get! The SE of a building represents the eldest daughter, wind, and abundance. A bathroom here symbolically challenges your wealth, luck, and ability to deal with change. These are risks you can avoid and they can also be addressed.

Again, while this isn't a complete list, we hope it helps you with your real estate search. Happy hunting!

Autor: Diana Garber Diana Garber
Level: Basic
Diana Garber is a classic Feng Shui practitioner with nearly 30 years experience in energy and risk management. Her extensive corporate background and work with ... ...

Diana Garber is a classic Feng Shui practitioner with nearly 30 years experience in energy and risk management. Her extensive corporate background and work with Fortune 100 companies sets her apart as an international consultant, speaker, author, and seasoned program manager. She utilizes over a dozen sciences to evaluate influences such as electromagnetic currents, geopathic stress, and other factors internal and external to one's living or work environments to improve clients' lives. Please visit our Web site at http://www.intuitiveconcepts.com for information, testimonies, and much more.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Decor on a Different Level

Old-fashioned Chinese systems believed in rearranging furniture and home decors as utilizing both laws of heaven and earth. This process is known as "Feng shui". They consider it the art of harmonizing a person's personality and character with their own home. Thus, they say that Feng shui will make a person's life better by receiving positive flow of energy or what they call "Qi" or "Chi".

As it is based on good values and ideology, they say that the art of Feng Shui will help improve specific phases of life. This is through decorating a home with proper arrangement of furniture and home d�cor (of course) thus, calling it "The Art of Placement". This way, it is said that you are inviting positive energy and vigor that can affect not only how you carry yourself but also the whole world you live in generally. Feng Shui is said to help aspects in life such as Happiness, Love, Money, and Health. But how is it really done? What are the principles to follow to achieve Qi?

Feng Shui doesn't require certain religion or beliefs for it to work. It just needs the right intentions and dedication. It is more symbolic in the modern days than in the ancient times whereas they used complicated analytical reasoning and proper directions. It considers mostly the basic things that you probably don't notice but is in front of you. Say you are having problems in job search. And probably the main door of your house is squeaking or is not opening properly. Consider fixing it, that way it would symbolically open doors for future opportunities. And thus, it is like inviting some Qi in your home.

Say you are having problems with your social life; that you have vices, habits, obsessions or even trivial beliefs that might set off your emotions by feeling ashamed. It is a natural instinct for you to push people away and hide the things that you are embarrassed about. If you are a type of person that is disorganized or enjoys seeing the mess in your living room, and you have this problem, well you better start cleaning. Clutter may just symbolize a messy and unhappy life. Not only do you improve the quality and hygiene of your home, cleaning up might mean trying to fix your personal life as well.

For others, designing a home is not just only to impress friends or colleagues on how well you choose home decors. It is also, in a way, self motivating and uplifting. For many years, Ancient Chinese believed that doing the art of Feng Shui will help give you enriched communal significance and improve your lifestyle. But whether you choose to believe in the mastery of Feng Shui or not, the important thing to a great life is to stay positive at all times. Who would want to visit a nice decorated home with an occupant that has the heart of Cruella De Ville?

Autor: Lily Sarmiento



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Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Feng Shui Tips

Are you tired of being unlucky? Exhausted of getting into bad relationships? Still waiting for the right opportunity to go your way? Do you want changes in your life? Well then you might just get what you are looking for. So read on!

In order for one to have a healthier and happier life, some believe in the art and science of Feng Shui; wherein one must rearrange furniture which symbolically would mean something either good or bad in your life. The mastery of Feng Shui basically works on the objective of the person. It does not matter what god you worship or what you believe in. Feng Shui focuses on one's intention and how that person wants changes in his or her life.

It is said that, for one to attain Chi, one must change the way you treat your home. A home is not simply a mere structure that you go home to from work and sleep at. It is more than just a place where you want to waste time entertaining people through social gatherings. It should serve as your own personal temple where you feel secured and safe. A home is where you should feel relaxed and at peace. It should function as a place for interaction wherein one can build a better relationship with another. Thus, a home should be one's comfort zone whereas symbolically you place personal things or sentimental home d�cor that you are comfortable showing to visiting guests. This way, not only do you boost up your self-esteem, but also you are inviting more fun and enjoyable activities in your home thus, increasing efficiency.

In terms of business, money is sacred. Thus, it is important that you consider the place where you store your money. Say for example, you own a furniture store that has a back office and you keep your money in a metal safe that you hide under your desk wherein, most of the time, you relax and use it as a foot rest. This is not a good way of inviting Chi into your life. As we said, money is important. So make sure you put your safe in a place where it is properly elevated and stored. It is just like valuing a relationship whereas if your partner keeps on beating you up and giving you no respect; you would choose to end the relationship. Respect the money-world; let your office or home show its value.

A lot of people would stop at nothing just to achieve happiness, good health and wealth of course. Who, in the right mind wouldn't want to be happy or be healthier and be rich? There have been a lot of gimmicks to pursue this. Feng Shui or "The Art of Placement" is just one of them. The art of Feng Shui is said to have helped a lot of people to better their lifestyle. Now, it is up to you to judge. Is it true? Does it really work?

Autor: Lily Sarmiento



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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feng Shui Symbols

Colors, elements and symbols play a very important role in Traditional Feng Shui. Chinese symbols, such as wind chimes, three-legged toads and tortoises, are vital tools that help achieve harmony and balance inside the home. Such symbols invite enlightenment and a good environmental aura.

It is important that the symbols used during the process are highly sentimental; doesn't really matter if they are traditional Chinese symbols. Not all people can afford statues and fountains. Or in some cases, using plants or animals for Feng Shui is not possible due to home-rental agreement issues. Symbolisms can be simple candles, photographs, or even furniture and decor; as long as they portray personal value. Symbols that have stronger association or a certain bond with a person work better and are more effective and compelling. Although this is so, the positioning and certain number of symbols placed in a home is still important and needs to be highly considered.

There are a lot of things that people would want to change in their lives; aspects that we may want to amend, or in Feng Shui terms, cure. Each of these facets uses different symbols to attract positive energy flow. In example, in terms of good luck and protection, traditional Feng Shui uses the symbols dragon, tortoise and a mystic knot. It is said that these symbols will bring you not only protection but also good fortune and a full life. Whether these symbols are on something you wear like a necklace or a home d�cor like a figurine, it's completely up to you.

The symbol dragon does not only work in the aspect of protection and luck, but also, when correlated with a phoenix symbol, cures Love and Relationship dilemmas. Ever heard of the saying "it takes two to tango"? Well in Feng Shui, it is said that the Love aspect is best with partnered symbols. It is because an individual item may signify a lonely unmarried or solitary life. So if you are having Love issues, use paired symbols; mandarin ducks, matching candles, or even a crystal lotus that denotes romance.

As with problems with Wealth and Prosperity, symbols such as a gold Arowana, a Koi fish, Chinese coins and three-legged toads are very effective. A lot of people, especially with the economic crisis this country is experiencing right now, are hoping for financial stability. Traditionally, live bamboo plants or water fountains that are placed in certain areas of the house also invite money opportunities.

Feng Shui symbols don't necessarily need to be conventional Chinese illustrations or images. In the modern days, people use similar representations other than traditional Chinese figurines or symbols. As long as the symbols used attract a certain energy that allows good emotional response, they can be used in the process. And since the mastery of Feng Shui works based on intentions and objectives, the use of substitute symbols, such as personal belongings and or photographs, can also attract positive energy flow as long as it is an object that one can relate to. This is an advantage to people of different cultures, especially those that are not comfortable using traditional Chinese objects.

Autor: Lily Sarmiento



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Monday, April 6, 2009

Colors For Feng Shui

Ever wonder why certain colors have different impressions on people? How it affects people's feelings? Like when you stare at the light blue sky, you suddenly feel relaxed and at peace. And when you wake up early in the morning to get the newspaper, and you stand by the front door staring at the garden; you suddenly see yellow flowers that make you smile and breathe calmly. Colors tend to bring a person particular energy, whether positive or not.

Traditional Feng Shui consists of five different elements: Earth, Metal, Fire, Water and Wood. These elements are expressed and articulated through certain colors with the use of a Bagua map. A Bagua map is an essential tool used in Feng Shui to chart and correlate sections of a home and see how they match up with the different aspects of life; such as wealth, love, protection, etc. It is used to detect whether a room has absence of positive Chi or has negative vibes. Thus, knowing what the problem is, we can then suggest a cure; namely adding positive colors depending on the problematic aspect.

The water element in conventional Feng Shui represents abundance and relief or simplicity. Since it is the symbol of purity, well-balanced water element may bring calm and relaxation. Although it is an element of the North, it is also effective when placed in southeast areas of a home. Water element colors are Black, which symbolizes emotional stability and wealth, and Blue, which gives you a soothing and peaceful feeling.

While metal element represent clarity, efficiency and delicacy that uses the colors Gray and White for poise and confidence, fire element that portray high energy and career-effectiveness utilize the colors Red and Yellow for warmth, Orange for creativity and sense of purpose, and Purple and Pink for spiritual and mental healing.

On the other hand, the earth element in Feng Shui is of stability and nourishment specifically in relationships built at home. Earth is the element of Southwest and Northeast. When done harmoniously and with balance, it will create emotional firmness and security inside the home. Colors for earth element are Beige and Light Yellow for happiness and social interaction.

Lastly, the wood element is for physical and mental energy and health. It is also said that wood element will bring growth and healing. And since wood comes from plants or trees, it is also a manifestation of wealth and abundance. Wood elements are usually placed in Southeast or East areas of a room. Colors for this element are Green and Brown that signify romance, good fortune and riches.

Colors are one way to express one's emotions. Somehow, color shades depict how you are as a person. And since Feng Shui work on sentimental things that attract positive energy flow in one's life, colors that relate to the five elements of Feng Shui are probably the quickest way to acquire positive Chi in your life. Thus, with the use of the Bagua map to properly position symbols and the right colors, one might quickly achieve harmony and balance.

Autor: Lily Sarmiento


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 Steps You Can Implement Now to Clutter Free Living

As a civilization, us Westerners are really big clutter freaks! We hold onto things that have "sentimental value" when secretly we know that a lot of the time they have no real value to us at all. Learning to live clutter free can also help you unclutter your mind and see with more clarity and concentration.


Bin all the things that you know underneath that you do not want or have not used in the last 6 months. With clothes, get a seperator and put all your clothes on the left hand side. Put them back on the right hand side. After 6 months, you can get rid of all of the clothes still left on the left hand side.

Get rid of things which bring up negative emotions in you. Like love letters from an ex or a book on a Spanish course that you never got started on. Bin things that you are keeping simply because you perceive them as valuable, if they are, you could give them to a charity shop or sell them.


Now you have threw out everything that is unnecessary, you should set a goal to organize each area of your room/home. Get everything out onto the floor that is not organized into a permanent place and then sort them into places that are easily memorable. This is also a good time to recycle any useless paper you may find. You may want to take out a weekend to do this.s

Next step: Sit back and feel how great a feng shui room feels!

All in all what you need here is to be able to set goals to maintain this clutter free lifestyle both mentally and physically in your house. Setting goals is usually done poorly but with a system that gives 100% guaranteed results every time and unconventionally focuses on habit change, why not give it a go?

Autor: Richard Shelmerdine

Tired of bad memory? Wanna think like Einstein and make Money like Bill Gates. For a FREE course on memory improvement Click Here!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bring in Positive Energy With Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui design appeared on the home interior design scene decades ago, but it has been around for over 3,500 years, getting its start in ancient China. It involves incorporating certain beliefs into the design of your home.

Feng Shui design focuses on the five elements of the universe's energy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. By properly incorporating these energies into your home design, you create a balance that promotes wealth, health and inner peace.

When determining a Feng Shui design, the key is finding your chi, or energy. In home interior design, certain things can affect the flow of chi, such as the placement of furniture or the positioning of an object. The placement of items should encourage a flow from room to room, not stifle or block it.

To bring positive chi into your home, consider a Feng Shui design that incorporates fresh flowers or live plants, mirrors, water fountains, an aquarium and artwork. Keep in mind the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water and try to incorporate one or more of them into a room. A room's color scheme is also important. Try to create a balance, a Yin and Yang if you will. Yin colors are blue, black, purple, white, pink and green, while Yang colors are yellow, orange, tan, brown, beige, red, mauve, maroon, lavender and gold.

With Feng Shui design, every object in your home serves a purpose. So organization is key. The Frugal Home Design website has a number of storage items and decorative organizers that can help organize your belongings to improve your home's chi or energy. Removing clutter, which can stifle the flow of chi is also important. Be sure to throw out any chipped dishes, worn items, or burned out light bulbs because they only drain your home's energy.

In Feng Shui, a bagua is used to determine what items should be placed in which room. Placement is an important aspect of Feng Shui design. For instance, mirrors should be placed in a small foyer or hallway to allow for better energy flow, but never in a bedroom because the belief is they hinder restful sleep. Televisions and computers should be enclosed in cabinets to minimize their influence on what is natural in our lives. Sofas and chairs should be angled so they're not directly facing toward the television. In addition, place chairs and sofas in groups to enhance conversation, rather than isolation.

Certain features in a home can also affect energy flow, so it's important to focus your Feng Shui design on these areas as well. If you have a long, narrow hallway in your home, place plants or large pictures at the end of it so energy or chi flows more naturally, rather than in a straight line. Corners of rooms can often be dark and empty, something that's not good for energy flow. Use plants, candles or small lamps to remedy this situation.

When working on creating a Feng Shui design, choose colors that are balanced, remove clutter and introduce items that are fresh and vibrant, reflect the elements of the universe and enhance energy life. By incorporating Feng Shui design into your life, you truly turn a house into a home.

Autor: Sue E Krippner

Sue Krippner is a Free Lance Artist, Home Staging and Redesign Professional. She is attracted to "all things beautiful, especially as it relates to interior decorating and design.
Find out more about Feng Shui Design and visit http://frugalhomedesign.com to see samples of her art and find plenty of professional design, tips hints and secrets to help facilitate your personal interior design goals with money saving frugal flair!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feng Shui Kitchens Are the Center of a Home

The heart of the home is the kitchen. This is where families eat their meals, gather to talk, and is often the area of the home that friends and family congregate for good food and conversation. From both a practical as well as symbolic point of view the kitchen is a place that nourishes us and contributes to a prolonged life. In Feng Shui kitchens are a sign of abundance and wealth.

Ideally a kitchen would be located in the center of the house, ensuring that the abundance, wealth, and the positive energy is kept inside the home. If the kitchen is located too close to the front door or any back doors it is possible for all of the positive energy that is created in the kitchen to escape.

In a kitchen that is in tune with the principles of Feng Shui, the food you eat will provide not only nourishment but also provide your body with positive energy. The food you consume provides your body the fuel it needs to live, and if prepared in a kitchen with a harmonious flow of energy the food you eat will also be in tune with your body and nature. Happy atmosphere = happy meals = a happy family.

Incorporating healthy, natural foods in our diets is part of good Feng Shui. Eating Organic fruits and vegetables, and other foods that are free of preservatives and dyes are healthier, better for you, and provide more of what the body needs for an optimal lifeforce. There are other areas in the kitchen that can help you maintain a healthy balance in your life and a positive energy, including;

1. Ensure that your kitchen is warm and inviting. Natural light is best, but regardless; ensure that the kitchen has good lighting. Play with the window coverings or curtains to allow light to filter in naturally and remove any obstructions that may exist. Adding a skylight to your kitchen can be a great way to get additional natural light if needed and generally does not cost that much.

2. Eliminate clutter where every possible. This goes for the entire house, but clutter is something that has no place in the kitchen. Having your countertops covered with electrical appliances can create negative Chi in the kitchen. Use the rule of "a place for everything and everything in its place." Store little used appliance in kitchen cabinets or storage cabinets in some other part of the house. Wash dishes when they are dirty and don't allow a sink full of dishes to pile up, which can also bring down your personal Chi.

3. Plants help clean the air in your house, and add life to your kitchen - literally! Hang green plants in a window where they will receive fresh air and warm light, and will help remove unwanted household odors and fresh oxygen in to the room. Placing fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table or another countertop provides positive energy and is an instant pick-me-up. Keeping a bowl of fresh out on the table is a great way to not only add color and a spark to a room, but provides your family with healthy snacks to nourish their bodies.

4. A yellow or pale green are the best colors for a kitchen. These colors will naturally aid digestion, and pale green is also great for influencing wealth and success.

Whether you are just beginning on the Feng Shui path or if you have traveled this road for some time, applying the basic principles of Feng Shui kitchens will improve the health and happiness of you and your family and implementing these ancient practices can only mean great things for you and your family.

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